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HSE’s Safe Net Zero solutions integrate health and safety into the development and deployment of the new and novel technologies underpinning the UK’s decarbonisation activities.


Here’s a round up of our latest news.


On the road to RECOVAS

HSE’s expertise in battery safety is being put to good use in a project to create a new circular end-of-life supply chain for the electric vehicle industry.

Vehicle electrification is an important step towards decarbonising transport.

HSE is one of several partners in the RECOVAS project, which aims to provide a standardised and reliable route for recycling and repurposing lithium ion car batteries at a scale in preparation for expected future sales of electric vehicles in the UK.

Read more about the project in our news item.

RECOVAS project image

Gearing up for FutureGrid

HSE is also helping to safely deploy a pioneering project that aims to understand how existing gas transmission assets could be used to transport hydrogen in the future.

The HyNTS FutureGrid Programme seeks to build a hydrogen test facility from decommissioned assets to demonstrate that the National Transmission System (NTS), Britain's gas transmission network, can transport hydrogen to heat homes and deliver green energy to industry.

HSE, through its Safe Net Zero solutions, will support the project by independently reviewing the safety aspects of the programme.

You can read more about the project and HSE's involvement in our news item.

FutureGrid screengrab

Learning while you lunch!

Earlier this month, HSE’s Head of Energy, Stuart Hawksworth, helped members of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) to learn whilst they lunched.

Stuart, who is also President of HySafe, the International Association for Hydrogen Safety, and Chair of the SHFCA H2 Safety Forum, introduced the first in a series of H2 Safety Forum lunchtime webinars devised to share information and best practice in hydrogen safety.

Also keeping on the topic of hydrogen, Stuart was one of a number of speakers invited to present at a Westminster Forum Project conference about the future of gas networks in the UK.

The forums are senior-level conferences on a wide range of public policy areas, with the aim of raising the quality of debate on public policy developments and so create opportunities for informed discussion.

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Stuart Hawksworth

And finally, could you help us with our next research project?

As part of the UK’s decarbonisation activities to meet net zero targets, hydrogen refuelling pumps will become commonplace at station forecourts and will need to safely sit alongside pumps for other fuels, such as petrol, diesel and LNG.

As a world leader in hydrogen safety, HSE is part of an international project called MultiHyFuel, which will deliver a large pre-normative research programme of work to ensure the safe introduction of hydrogen refuelling pumps.

We are currently seeking sponsors to support HSE’s involvement in this project. For further information please contact Rob Fletcher.

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