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HSE is working closely with The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE) who are leading the UK government response to the coronavirus outbreak. PHE has developed guidance specifically for employers and businesses about coronavirus.


Public health services and some workplace support, and therefore aspects of COVID-19 guidance, are devolved. There is specific information for businesses and employers in Northern IrelandScotland, and Wales.


  • HSE issues exemption for the manufacture and supply of biocidal hand sanitiser products in UK
  • Updates and guidance
  • Request for stakeholder feedback

HSE issues exemption for manufacture of biocidal hand sanitiser in UK

hand sanitiser

HSE is working closely with other government agencies, manufacturers and their trade associations to help ensure that they can continue to meet the increased demand for vital active substances.

Some of the UK’s existing manufacturers of biocidal hand sanitiser products have reported that they are facing significant challenges to their normal supply chains. 


This is because of increasing demand for the raw ingredients needed to meet unprecedented and urgent demand during the coronavirus outbreak.


HSE has taken steps to support hand sanitiser manufacturers.

New updates and guidance


Working across government and listening to the key questions you have on health and safety in the workplace during the pandemic, we have published updated information on PPE, RPE and extension of divers' certificates of medical fitness.



Research review of personal protective equipment provided in health care settings to manage risk during coronavirus outbreak

Following a request from the government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, HSE’s Professor Andrew Curran convened a group of experts from HSE and Public Health England (PHE) to conduct a rapid review to consider international evidence supporting the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) within health care settings in the context of coronavirus.


Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) guidance on face fit testing

HSE has guidance available on face fit testing and the measures that should be taken to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission. A fit test should be carried out before employees wear RPE for the first time. Follow our guidance on additional measures to minimise the risk of transmission during face-fit testing.


Extension for diver’s certificate of medical fitness

Guidance is available on the qualifying grounds for extending divers' certificates of medical fitness where they will expire soon. If a diver has a 12 months certificate of medical fitness to dive which expires on or after 16 March 2020, and cannot get a medical re-examination with an approved medical examiner of divers (AMED) because of coronavirus, their certificate may be accepted until 1 June 2020. 

Be part of the national effort: sharing feedback and telling us what you think

We welcome information from employers on how your business and workforce is being impacted and any actions you have put in place to address this.

Also please let us know if there are any gaps in the government response from  your business’ perspective.


Please share your feedback by emailing us


We are aware that individual company information may be commercially sensitive, and we will treat it accordingly. We can’t respond to requests for advice from this inbox. HSE’s website has guidance on health and safety.


Please share this bulletin with other employers who may benefit.  


All the latest guidance, information and announcements on the UK response to Coronavirus can be found on GOV.UK.

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