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MRL amendments: October 2019

Regulatory Update:  02/2019
Issued:  October 2019 



Maximum residue levels (MRLs) for pesticide residues in or on food and feed of plant and animal origin are established under Regulation (EC) No 396/2005. All UK authorisations must comply with the MRLs in force in the EU. In particular, the ongoing MRL review programme may result in MRLs being lowered which impact on uses of plant protection products currently authorised. The progress of the MRL review programme including the schedule of upcoming reviews is available on the European Food Safety Authority webpage here.    

This regulatory update is to notify all stakeholders of recent MRL proposals agreed at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF- Residues section). Authorisation holders should ensure that their authorisations will comply with the new or modified MRLs.

This regulatory update does not include MRLs amended as a result of a specific request to raise an MRL e.g. to accommodate a new authorisation or proposals to list active substances on Annex IV of Regulation No 396/2005 (actives not subject to MRLs).

For product dossiers assessed by HSE and refused on the basis of not complying with the current MRL, authorisation holders are responsible for the submission of an admin application to HSE once the new MRL comes into force. 


MRL amendments

At the October 2019 SCoPAFF (Residues section) it was agreed:

To set modified MRLs in or on certain commodities for prochloraz under Regulation (EC) 396/2005.

Providing the proposals successfully pass the scrutiny by the European Parliament and Council, Commission Regulations implementing the above proposals are likely to be published 4- 6 months after the SCoPAFF.

The details of the MRL changes and the commodities effected will be published in the EU Pesticides database shortly. In order to display future MRLs, searches for pesticide residues should be performed by selecting ‘MRLs evolution’ in the third column of the database. 


Updating your authorisation

HSE will aim to identify authorisations that require amending or withdrawing as a result of changes by the EU to MRLs. However, authorisation holders are also responsible for ensuring their authorisations are compliant with the amended MRLs. Authorisation holders are advised to check the EUR-Lex webpage and the EU Pesticides database where new or changes to MRLs are published.

Authorisation holders are further advised to check the European Food Safety Authority webpage for published reasoned opinions on MRL recommendations that may impact on product authorisations in the future. The webpage can be searched using the active name.


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