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WHAT: Starting on 17 June, HSE will be carrying out its latest construction inspection initiative. This initiative will continue the focus on health, in particular the measures in place to protect workers from occupational lung disease caused by asbestos, silica, wood and other dusts when carrying out common construction tasks.


Infonet May 2019 - Health inspection initiative


WHY: Priority is often given to safety but thousands more workers suffer ill-health at work than are harmed by at-work accidents. Asbestos and dust are ‘slow killers’. HSE estimates that annually there are around 8,000 work-related cancer deaths a year. The construction industry accounts for around 3,500 of these with asbestos and silica the major causes. Construction businesses and workers need to be aware of how dangerous and hazardous to someone’s health such substances can be.


HOW: HSE inspectors will be looking to ensure those involved with construction projects know the risks, properly plan their work and use the right controls. For more information see:

Where poor standards are found, enforcement action will be taken. Work right and Go Home Healthy.


Follow: To keep up to date with the initiative follow HSE on social media via Facebook (SaferSites) and Twitter using the hashtags #Dustbusters and #WorkRight.


Support: Resources are available to help you take part and show your support. Use our selfie cards and promote your good practice.



Reminder of planned changes to the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test from 26 June 2019.


If you or your employees are taking the test on or after this date, you will need to know about these.


Temporary Works forum (TWf) free to download guidance on Precast concrete: Good practice and common issues in temporary works.


With an increased use of precast concrete structures, this has been developed to provide generic, practical guidance for the design, management, handling, transportation and erection of precast concrete elements on site. The guidance covers the steps to be taken from manufacturing through to final placement or demolition but is not intended to cover every situation or component.


SCOSS (Standing Committee on Structural Safety) Alert on failure of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) planks issued.


In late 2018, the Local Government Association and the Department for Education contacted all school building owners to draw attention to a recent failure involving a flat roof constructed using RAAC planks. There was little warning of the sudden collapse. Although the failure was in a school, RAAC planks are believed to be present in many types of buildings. This Alert is to emphasise the potential risks from such construction. Read other SCOSS Alerts.



HSE publishes a number of short case studies in relation to ensuring structural stability during demolition and refurbishment work.


This follows the recent airing of the Channel 5 documentary ‘When Demolition Goes Wrong’, which focusses on the impact of incidents but not the underlying causes. The case studies look at the learning points from incidents, some of which resulted in death or serious injury and others which could easily have led to single or multiple casualties.


HSE events

Training courses, events, conferences and seminars organised by HSE or where HSE has significant involvement are listed on the HSE event calendar. These include:


WWT events

Improve your business by attending a health and safety event near you. Most Working Well Together (WWT) events we list are FREE and all provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people, see interesting new equipment and get confidential advice.



Find your nearest WWT Group and get involved.


A round up of some recent HSE prosecutions and enforcement action in the construction sector and links to relevant advice.



Further information

Work at height/fragile roofs

Further information

Falls from height

Further information

Struck by steel beam

Further information

Wall collapse

Further information

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