PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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Welcome to the eighth edition of the NHS Health Check digital exemplar project update.

You are receiving this update because you are directly involved in the exemplar or because we have identified you as someone who would be interested in our project. Please feel free to share this update with your colleagues.

To find out more about the project vision and progress to date visit previous postcards on the  NHS Health Check website.

This update covers work undertaken between 19th April to 06 May.

We are now recruiting commissioners and providers for the next phase of the project

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Please share this opportunity and register your interest here.

In the upcoming alpha phase, we will be testing early design concepts and prototypes for how digital could support an individual when receiving their NHS Health Check results and preparing to act on them. Working with end users, we will test and refine these concepts and seek to inform a final prototype that will be developed further in the beta phase of this project. We want to ensure that we have a number of user insights from both NHS Health Check commissioners and providers to support this research, as well as participants themselves and with the recruitment of end users.

Exploring scales to measure understanding, motivation and intention to change

Over the last couple of weeks we have been investigating existing validated scales that we can use in our testing to measure an individual's understanding of CVD risk and their motivation and intention to change behaviour. In alpha, we will use these scales to get a sense of the impact of our prototypes. 

Publishing the discovery findings

We have been working with PHE content designers to design the best format for publishing our findings from discovery. We need to ensure that the content meets our user needs and is in line with Government content and publishing guidance.

This week we were invited to share our project at the DHSC show and tell

knowledge sharing

Our product manager (Andrea) and behavioural scientist (Chryssa) presented to the Department of Health and Social Care digital’s team show & tell session on how we combined the disciplines of service design and behavioural insights in our discovery phase and how we plan to continue this in alpha. They were very receptive of how we combined the approaches and our learnings during discovery. The PHE digital and behavioural insights team are now looking at how we can produce a guide on how to successfully combine the disciplines.

Meet the team - Andrea Hewins, PHE Digital Product Manager

Andrea Hewins

Each update we will be featuring a member of our team

As a PHE Digital Product Manager, Andrea is responsible for forming and maintaining the product vision using her knowledge of user needs and business goals. Andrea sets the priorities for the delivery team and ensures stakeholders are kept engaged in the development of the vision over time. Throughout the delivery she ensures that users are represented and that the product remains focused on the needs of our users by ensuring needs and tasks are prioritised.

On the NHS Health Check digital exemplar Andrea ensures the team stay focused on the prioritised tasks and are empowered to make decisions on the direction of the work. She ensures stakeholders are informed and consulted where necessary (for example setting up this postcard). She is responsible for the business case and costing of the work and ultimately responsible for the budget with the assistance of the Delivery Manager.

When she’s not working Andrea can normally be found out in the countryside enjoying riding her horse.

Next Steps

Some of the things we will do in the next 2 weeks are:

  • Finalise the report for discovery
  • Begin to build our early sacrificial concepts and designs
  • Share and obtain feedback on our early designs with internal stakeholders
  • Finalise the recruitment plans and screeners
  • Welcome a new User Researcher, Callum Bates, onto the team to work alongside our existing User Researcher, Dellis Roberts

Feedback on the postcard

We would like to ensure this postcard update is relevant and useful for our audience. If you would like to feedback please fill in the survey here. We will keep this survey open and review suggestions as they come in.