PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the NHS Health Check digital exemplar project update.  This project brings together PHE’s national Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention team, Behavioural Insight team and PHE's Digital team to use a blend of service design and behavioural insights to look at the potential for digital technology to support the NHS Health Check programme.

You are receiving this update because you are directly involved in the exemplar or because we have identified you as someone who would be interested in our project.

To find out more about the project vision and progress to date visit the  NHS Health Check website.

This update covers work undertaken between 18th February and 13th March.

Recap on the journey so far..

Journey so far

Translating the findings from Discovery 2.0 into an Alpha

Following prioritisation, the areas identified as possibilities to explore in alpha were:

Zoom out and Zoom in journey

The core team have spent a lot of time unpicking the findings from the discovery phase user research and behavioural insights literature review and working through the options for the alpha phase of the project. This has including sharing the findings of discovery with a range of stakeholder groups including at a PHE digital show and tell and at the NHS Health Check Expert Scientific Clinical Advisory Panel.

Now we have identified the themes the alpha will explore we have been preparing the business case to progress the project into the alpha phase. To find out more about what an alpha phase involves take a look at "How the alpha phase works" from GDS

Discovery service assessment at DHSC

Service standard

The digital team at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) assess all digital healthcare services before they can progress between the discovery, alpha, beta and live phases. They use the assessments to ensure the service will meet all the service standards required by the Government Digital Service.  Last week, the team attended a discovery service assessment, where we presented our discovery findings, the ways we worked during discovery and our proposed next steps. We were pleased to receive positive and constructive feedback which will help us to prepare for a successful alpha.

Behavioural Insights literature review

Literature review

The Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) and PHE's Behavioural Insights team are in the final stages of completing a systematic review of barriers to and facilitators of NHS Health Check related behaviours. Based on identified key influences on these behaviours, recommendations of potentially relevant intervention functions and Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs) to deliver these functions are provided along with suggested methods for selecting from the options of relevant intervention content. The results of this analysis will now be used to support the Alpha phase of the project and inform the design of interventions.  

Based on recommendations for future research which build on the current study, the next step will be a scoping review of interventions to promote NHS Health Check implementation.



The team have been working with some of the NHS App team from NHS Digital to explore how an existing platform could support us with developing the plans for the ‘zoom out’ option for alpha. The team have been working to present a storyboard prototype of what this could look like. We hope to be able to share some of this work in future updates.