PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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Welcome to the third edition of the NHS Health Check digital exemplar project update.  This project brings together PHE’s national CVD Prevention team, Behavioural Insight team and PHE's Digital team to use a blend of service design and behavioural insights to look at the potential for digital technology to support the NHS Health Check programme.

You are receiving this update because you are directly involved in the exemplar or because we have identified you as someone who would be interested in our project.

To find out more about the project vision and progress to date visit the  NHS Health Check website.

This third update covers work undertaken between 14th November to 11th December

Concept workshop preparation

Brief example

Following on from the synthesis of the raw information captured in the interview as reported in our last update we generated five briefs to be used to stimulate creative thinking at our concept workshop which was booked for the 27th November. The briefs were oriented around the Health Check service journeys from setting up the contracts between commissioners and providers to a service user maintaining a healthy lifestyle change which was indicated by their results. The final briefs were:



  • Set up and change contracts for NHS Health Check provision
  • Triaging end users according to risk and activation. Taking a proportional universal approach to targeting service users
  • Deliver a high quality NHS Health Check risk assessment and communication
  • Following NHS Health Check assessment, referral and acceptance of a lifestyle behaviour change service and care plan
  • Following referral, starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle behaviour change

Concept workshop

Concept Workshop

On the 27th November we brought together 30 participants for a fast paced interactive workshop to generate concept ideas which could help tackle some of the areas identified in the briefs. Participants were a mix of commissioners, PHE staff and providers of both the NHS Health Check and associated healthy lifestyle services. We ensured we had staff who are at the front line delivering these services face to face with the public.The attendees were split into 5 tables each taking one the the briefs.

The first task was for their brief to generate "How might we?" statements for their brief and choose the top 2 to tackle. Some examples are:

  • "How might we help commissioners and providers to capture, share and use data on behavioural change to improve the service and outcomes?"
  • "How might we support people in their chosen/focused/realistic behaviour change who were not referred?"
  • "Support service users to understand what to expect from an NHS Health Check?"
Crazy 8s

Crazy 8's!!!: Participants were given 8 minutes to sketch 8 ideas, 4 for each of the 2 "How might we?" statements the group had chosen.

This very rapid visual way of generating ideas engages creative thinking. This exercise is about quieting the inner critic and giving our creative impulses space to flourish. Weird, impossible, and impractical ideas often give way to truly inspired ones.

For more detail here's a brief article about Crazy 8's

After lunch each team worked up two concepts using the two "How might we?" statements, the sketches created in "Crazy 8's" and taking into account the behavioural facilitators and barriers identified in the user research.

Each team presented their concepts back to the other workshop participants. With 2 concepts for 5 briefs we had a total of 10 concepts worked up into more detail by the end of the day.


Next steps