PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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PHE's digital exemplar update: NHS Health Check

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Welcome to the first edition of the NHS Health Check digital exemplar project update.  This project brings together PHE’s national CVD Prevention team, Behavioural Insight team and PHE's Digital team to use a blend of service design and behavioural insights to look at the potential for digital technology to support the NHS Health Check programme.

You are receiving this update because you are directly involved in the exemplar or because we have identified you as someone who would be interested in our project.

To find out more about the project vision and progress to date visit the  NHS Health Checks website.

As this is our first update it covers work undertaken between August and 30th October. In the future these update will be every two weeks.

Forming the team and defining the scope



We have formed a team with members from PHE Digital, PHE CVD prevention, PHE Behavioural Insights and an external service design agency Livework. The first weeks were spent refining and scoping out the work we would undertake in discovery and setting up our collaborative project space.

Identifying our users

We identified the key users we needed to explore user needs with as:

  • Commissioners of the NHS Health Check programme
  • Providers of the NHS Health Check programme & healthy lifestyle services
  • The public eligible for an NHS Health Check including:
    • those awaiting a check
    • those who have had a check
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Conducting interviews

We produced interview guides combining both service design and behavioural insights principles in a blended approach. Alongside this we utilised the latest Health Check data to help inform recruitment of commissioners and providers for interviews and reached out through the PHE centre leads.

The public were recruited using an external agency who categorised them into different groups depending on where they are in their NHS Health Check journey.

We have interviewed six commissioners and nine providers of the NHS Health Check programme  including those who commission and provide associated healthy lifestyle services such as smoking cessation.

Thirty members of the public undertook a “digital diary” for a week. This is a combination of a survey and a “health diary” where they record, for example, what they have eaten each day and how much exercise they undertook. This allowed us to understand their behaviour styles. We identified and interviewed fifteen of these members of the public both face to face and over the phone.

Next steps

We are currently transcribing the interviews and the team is working on capturing the key insights from both a service design and a behavioural insights perspective.