Coronavirus update: 16 June 2020

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16 June 2020   

Latest Government guidance on lockdown changes

new covid rules what's changed 16th june 2010

A number of Government updates to the coronavirus advice and restrictions comes into effect this week. 

Face coverings must now be worn for the full duration of journeys on public transport. Operators will be able to refuse travel or issue penalty fines for those who fail to wear a face covering, in a similar way to the rules on having a ticket for travel.

Wherever possible, people should continue to avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive. You should also avoid busy stations and peak times (5.45am - 8.15am and 4pm - 5.30pm). 

People using taxis and private hire vehicles should use a face covering for the duration of all journeys to help reduce the chance of infecting others.

Hospitals visitors and staff must now wear face coverings, and they should also be used by people in enclosed or busy spaces, such as shops. 

Other important changes include: 

If you live alone or are a single parent with dependent children, you can form a ‘support bubble’ with one other household. This means you can spend time together inside each other’s homes and do not need to stay two metres apart. You will be seen as the same household.  

If anyone in your bubble becomes symptomatic or tests positive you will all need to isolate for 14 days. 

You can only be in one support bubble - you should not switch the household you are in a bubble with. 

You can attend a place of worship for individual prayer where buildings can be made safe and you can now visit any shops and some outdoor attractions such as drive-in cinemas, zoos, and safari parks. 

You still cannot:

  • Visit friends and family inside their homes (unless in a support bubble or for other limited circumstances)
  • Stay away from your home or your support bubble household overnight, except for in a limited set of circumstances
  • Exercise in an indoor sports court, gym or leisure centre, or go swimming in a public pool
  • Use an outdoor gym or playground
  • Gather outdoors in a group of more than six (unless exclusively with members of your own household or support bubble or for one of the limited set of circumstances)

For more information, read the Government’s updated Q&A document on what you can and cannot do. 

The Government’s overarching guidance remains the same. Everyone must: 

  • Stay at home as much as possible 
  • Work from home if you can 
  • Limit contact with other people 
  • Keep your distance if you go out (two metres apart where possible) 
  • Wash your hands regularly 

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of a high temperature, or a new, continuous cough or a loss of, or change to your sense of smell or taste. 

You can find further advice and information on hygiene precautions and social distancing on the NHS website. 

Cycling and e-scooters  

cycling and the footpath

Many people have started cycling during the coronavirus pandemic to avoid public transport. Cycling is a great form of exercise that helps you to stay fit, keep yourself and others safe during this crisis and allows you to make a positive difference to the environment.   

Can you cycle on a public footpath? 

Cyclists are not allowed to cycle on public footpaths. Now more than ever, residents are walking more in our borough and it is important that cyclists keep off the pavements and footpaths to help keep themselves and others safe.  

Cycle tracks  

Cycle tracks are normally located away from the road, but sometimes they can be found alongside pavements and footpaths. When you are cycling on cycle tracks, you must keep to the side for cyclists as the pedestrian side remains a pavement or footpath. 

You can find out more about the guidance for cyclists in the Highway code on the Government’s website.   

Electric scooters  

It is illegal to use electric scooters (e-scooters) and powered transporters on public roads and pavements in London. This includes cycle tracks and pedestrian-only areas. You can find out more about electric scooter guidance, driver and cycling safety on the Transport for London website.  

Try out our free cycling training sessions 

We offer a range of free cycling training for people who live, work or study in Hounslow. All ages and abilities are welcome. Whether you cycle for fun, leisure or for commuting, cycling is cheap, environmentally friendly and brings many benefits of a healthier lifestyle.  

Click here for the free training. If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact the Road Safety Team via email:  

Urgent Treatment Care


It is advisable to call 111 before you attend urgent treatment care.  

With social distancing measures in place to protect staff and patients, we are asking that you call 111 before visiting the urgent treatment care. To help protect yourself and others, only visit Urgent Treatment Centres, if you have been advised to by a healthcare professional or by the operator on the NHS 111 service. 

Shop local and stay safe 


High street retailers and department stores, including book shops, electronics retailers, tailors, auction houses, photography studios, indoor markets, and shops selling clothes, shoes and toys, have reopened this week. We’ve been working with local businesses to ensure the safety of shoppers and retail staff. 

Please continue to follow current social distancing guidance when travelling to or visiting our local shops. To control the risk of infection and to shop safely, residents should follow this advice: 

  • Follow the signage and guidance in the high streets, shopping centres and shops
  • Keep a safe distance from one another
  • Shops are operating on a ‘one-in-one-out’ system - please follow the rules
  • You are advised to wear a face covering inside the shop, if you can't keep a safe distance from other people
  • Don't touch items that you don't intend to buy
  • Use contactless payments where possible
  • Don't visit shops if you have symptoms - please stay home
  • Wash your hands the moment you get home or arrive at work 
  • Travel by bike or car and avoid public transport where possible 
  • If using public transport, you must wear a face covering

Additional signage has been installed in shopping areas to remind people to maintain safe distances. 

Read the latest guidance for people who work in, or run shops here, further guidance on how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.  


Temporary changes to the Congestion Charge vital to secure safe and green recovery


The Mayor and TfL have today confirmed temporary changes to the Congestion Charge, which were brought forward in accordance with TfL’s funding agreement with Government. These temporary changes will ensure the capital’s recovery from the pandemic is not restricted by cars and congestion.

From 22 June the Congestion Charge, which covers around one per cent of Greater London, will temporarily increase to £15, operate 7am-10pm seven days a week and the residents’ discount will be closed to new applicants from 1 August.These temporary changes will reduce traffic in central London and enable more journeys to be made safely by foot or by bike, while keeping the bus network reliable for those making essential journeys.

You can find out more about these temporary measures on the TfL website. 

Supporting the safe reopening of faith buildings for individual worship


Some places of worship in Hounslow have reopened this week for individual prayer as part of the Government’s recovery plan. 

The faith buildings that have opened their doors have safety measures in place in line with guidance on social distancing and cleaning to protect our residents, particularly those most vulnerable. 

We are in contact with faith leaders across the borough to help with any further preparations for reopening safely of all faith buildings. We hope that safety measures can be put in place in all faith buildings but if they can’t, it’s important that they remain closed and residents continue to worship at home. 

Under the existing regulations, funerals are allowed in places of worship where it is possible to do so safely. Other gatherings and services such as baptisms, weddings, supplementary schools, meetings and classes are not permitted. 

You can read more about the Government’s announcement to reopen places of worship for individual prayer here and the new guidance for faith buildings and their staff to ensure places of worship are covid secure here  

Bulky waste service

bulky waste

Bulky Waste is a cost effective and convenient collection service for the removal of large household items that are too big for normal household waste, such as broken furniture.

You can use the service as many times as they like, provided you are registered to pay Council Tax in Hounslow and your payment details match your Council Tax address.

Landlords with properties in the borough can also utilise Bulky Waste, for more information or to book a collection please visit our website

Don't drop it, bin it 

bin and litter

When outside, remember to social distance but also think about what you do with your litter. 

If a bin is full, find another bin, or take it home. 

Hounslow Council staff are doing their best to empty the bins  but with parks often busier than usual, and staff shortages due to coronavirus, this means that this might not always be as frequently as we would like. 

Please do your bit to help us keep the borough clean. If you see any fly-tipping, please report it. 

Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Week

Cervical screening awareness week

It is Cervical Screening Awareness Week this week. 

If you are due a cervical screening or have had a test cancelled, you might be wondering if there will be any changes to the screening process and what to expect at an upcoming appointment. 

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust provides a useful guide on cervical screenings during the coronavirus pandemic. If you have any concerns or questions about any upcoming appointments speak to your local GP practice. 

Happy Pride 2020! 


Parades might be postponed for now, but there are lots of other fantastic ways to be Proud this June. Check out Coming Out, Staying In, Pride In London's online events listings for digital queer events happening across the year.


New funding to support our local voluntary and community sector

hub volunteers

Local voluntary and community organisations can now apply for up to £10,000 from the Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund. 

We have launched this new fund to help alleviate the impact of coronavirus on local voluntary and community groups and the residents that depend on their services.  

The Thriving Communities fund will help support charities and the voluntary sector to continue their vital work beyond the lockdown and support our most vulnerable residents during these challenging times and help to reduce social isolation in this crisis. Now more than ever this support will play a pivotal role in making sure no one is left behind.  

Proposals can be made until 31 August 2020, with decisions expected within four weeks.  

You can find out more about the Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund on our website 

Getting tested for coronavirus 

Getting tested

We know how important it is for our residents to have life return to normal as quickly as possible. 

The NHS Test and Trace service will help to control the rate of reproduction (R), and reduce the spread of the infection and save lives. 

Follow the Government's guidelines to help protect your friends and family and stop the spread.  

  • If you develop coronavirus symptoms - order a test immediately 
  • if you develop symptoms, self-isolate with other members of your household 
  • if you test positive for coronavirus, you must share information promptly about your recent contacts through the NHS Test and Trace service to help alert other people who may need to self-isolate 
  • if you have had close recent contact with someone who has coronavirus, you must self-isolate if the NHS Test and Trace service advises you to do so. 

If you are in isolation and develop symptoms, you can book a test at or by calling 119. 

You can find out more on the NHS website.  

Test and Trace: How to spot a scam 

Test and Trace how to spot fakes

Cyber security experts and charities are warning people not to be tricked by scammers posing as contact tracers.  

Test and trace employees will never ask for financial details, PINs or banking passwords over the phone, and tracers will not be making any home visits. 

Elderly or vulnerable people could be especially at risk and so it is important everyone knows how official contract tracers will reach out. 

Read more about being Test and Trace aware on the Government’s website 

Travel abroad safely during the coronavirus pandemic 

Travel UK border

The Government has published guidance on how to travel safely whilst at the airport before your journey, in the aircraft and advice which you should follow when you arrive at your destination.   

As some of the restrictions start to ease, some of us will be thinking about holidays and travelling outside of the UK. Before booking a flight, understand the public health requirements of your destination country, restrictions on re-entering the UK and read the following guidance: 

Where possible, your airline will inform you on measures to minimise transmission of coronavirus. 

You can find the full guidance on face coverings, social distancing and measures you will need to take to take at the airport and to safely board an aircraft here.  

Keep your communal areas clean and clear 

Communal areas clean

Furniture left in landings, stairs, corridors, lobbies, and on communal balconies is a serious fire hazard. You can do your bit to be kind to your neighbours and keep people safe by keeping communal areas in your building clear - before our housing staff visit and ask you to clear your things away. This includes buggies, bicycles and any household goods. We also ask you not to store flammable items in store cupboards – again, because this is a fire hazard. The London Fire Brigade website has lots of information about fire safety.

Sleep well  

sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is really important for your health and mental wellbeing. It gives our bodies time to recover and our brains time to process information. 

Feeling worried or anxious can affect sleep, particularly at the moment. Every Mind Matters have some top tips for a good night’s sleep which can be found here.   

MIND also have some useful resources about how to cope with sleep problems. If you are experiencing an on-going problem with sleeping, you should speak to your GP about this, who will be able to provide support and advice as needed. 

Nominate your Active School Hero  

Active school hero

Do you know a primary school teacher who inspires children to be more active? Do they have an inspiring story around how activity has helped to change their own life as well as those of their pupils? Why not nominate them to be an Active School Hero today! Entry is free.

Read about last year’s winner Jared Bell from, St Michael & St Martin Primary School here. 

Young people and staying active  

One you Hounslow

Staying physically active is really important for good health and wellbeing, particularly at the moment, where many of us are staying at home more than usual. 

Children and young people aged 5 to 18 should aim for an average of at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day across the week and take part in a variety of physical activity to develop movement skills, muscles and bones. 

For top tips on keeping children and young people active at home visit the OneYou Hounslow website.    

Census job opportunities  


Due to coronavirus, recruitment for specific roles for Census 2021 is now scheduled to start at the beginning of July. Adecco and the Office for National Statistics are working hard to ensure every necessary step and precaution is taken to ensure the well-being of both staff and candidates. In the meantime, you can register your interest to join them as a Manager, Supervisor or Officer level, depending on your skills and experiences. Find out more on their website. 

Watermans bell square programme 

Watermans Bell Programme

Bell Square's programme is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. In normal times, their wonderful, diverse audience welcomes amazing international artists and companies to Hounslow every other weekend. Right now, they can't be with you for live events because of the coronavirus restrictions. They know that the current situation is hitting many of the communities hard. And many are also deeply affected by the recent death of George Floyd and the issues that raises. At Bell Square, communities come together and that is what makes them tick. But today, in solidarity with the Black community, Bell Square supports Black Lives Matter. 
In the spirit of Bell Square, they believe that the arts has the power to tell the stories that affect us all, and they are going to share some short videos from great Black circus companies from Europe and Africa. These guys are all amazing. So even in lockdown, let's celebrate the traditions and cultures of us all.  
We hope you enjoy them all! 

You can find out more about the line up here. 

Online resources for health, education and wellbeing 

New for adults, young people, children and families;  

Hear Me Hounslow brings you creative activities during lockdown, to brighten up your local area. Over the next few weeks there will be a series of creative activities that you can get involved in, and the first one is titled: My Quarantine.

NHS Fitness Studio  has some great new workout routines that you can do anytime, anywhere including, aerobics, belly dancing, pilates and yoga.

Step Change Studios offers online dance classes for people with visual impairments. The classes are every Saturday at 11am. Anyone interested in taking part should email

Virtual Inclusive Fitness Classes Disability Sports Coach are delivering 45-minute virtual inclusive fitness classes on Wednesdays at 3pm. Join them for an inclusive physical activity session with others from around the world.

Skipz Productions is organising weekly online classes for children over 6 years old providing classes in drama, dance, singing and a detective class and are being delivered after school.

Hounslow Cycling sessions in conjunction with Bikeworks, is for anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. Free ‘Dr Bike’ bike servicing also available, click here for the schedule.

LYG Virtual Games is open to all children and young people from Hounslow. A leaderboard with the latest Borough standings will be updated every week. #ThisIsLYG.

Football Development sessions BFCCST are running live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, for age groups 3 to 6 and 7 to 11yrs.

Puregym is offering free classes, just download the app.

Concert Roulette is a new way of discovering classical music, there are hundreds of videos from around the world.

Visit for more support and information.

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