Coronavirus update: 12 June 2020

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12 June 2020   

A message from Cllr Steve Curran, Cllr Lily Bath and Cllr Katherine Dunne

cllr C urran, cllr Bath, cllr Dunne

We are extremely proud to serve one of London’s most diverse boroughs. Its broad range of ethnicities and cultures is a source of inspiration, pride and strength. This is reflected in the Council’s Cabinet and wider group of Members, more than half of which are from BAME backgrounds. We are also proud of how people in Hounslow get on together and are determined to make sure this remains the case.

The Council stands against any form of discrimination, violence, racism and injustice, and we are clear there is no place for these things in Hounslow. We fully support people’s rights to protest and, last week, illuminated Hounslow House purple as a show of solidarity with ​black people in the US, the UK and around the world​ following the death of George Floyd.

However, we know there is more to be done, and displays of support are far from enough in themselves. We must constantly challenge discrimination, injustice and division. As a Council we know we need to do more to improve engagement and representation of all groups – everyone must have a strong voice - and this week we approved a new Equalities Plan which lays out how we intend to do that.

We’ve also launched an important piece of work to understand the impact of coronavirus and lockdown on our BAME communities, and explore how we can better support them through the growing economic impact.

We understand why feelings are running so high at the moment. Londoners are right to be angry about the systemic racism black Londoners still face and we stand with the millions of people around the world who are saying loud and clear that Black Lives Matter.

However, we urge people not to take to the streets to protest today or over the weekend. Coronavirus is still a very grave threat to all of our communities and we are at a crucial stage in our efforts to contain the spread of the virus. The protests over the past week have shown just how difficult it is to maintain social distancing in large crowds, and travelling to them on public transport. The risk of spreading the disease at a protest is very real. Also, it’s expected there will be far-right counter-protests aiming to provoke violence and distract and hijack this important issue. If you do protest, we advise you do this locally, keeping to social distancing guidelines.

There are 22,500 people in Hounslow who were classed by the NHS as needing to be ‘shielded’ because they were at particular risk. Lives are still at stake. We must all play our part and be responsible to protect our vulnerable residents from coronavirus by controlling the spread.

We support the Mayor of London’s Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm to review the city's murals, street art, street names, statues and other memorials. We will fully participate in this review and take appropriate action when it is concluded.

Lockdown changes – support bubbles, worship, shops and face coverings

Starting tomorrow, Saturday 13 June, adults living alone or single parent families can join a ‘support bubble’ with one other household. This means you can spend time together inside each other’s homes and do not need to stay two metres apart. You will be seen as the same household.  

If anyone in your bubble becomes symptomatic or tests positive you will all need to isolate for 14 days. 

You can only be in one support bubble - you should not switch the household you are in a bubble with. 

You will be allowed to attend your place of worship for individual prayer.

From Monday, 15 June:  

  • You can visit any type of shop and some additional outdoor attractions, such as zoos, farms, safari parks, drive-in cinemas 
  • You must wear a face covering on public transport 

You can still meet outdoors with groups of up to six people from different households, provided you stay two metres away from anyone outside your household. 

You still cannot:

  • Visit friends and family inside their homes (unless in a support bubble) or for other limited circumstances
  • Stay away from your home or your support bubble household overnight, except for in a limited set of circumstances
  • Exercise in an indoor sports court, gym or leisure centre, or go swimming in a public pool
  • Use an outdoor gym or playground
  • Gather outdoors in a group of more than six (unless exclusively with members of your own household or support bubble or for one of the limited set of circumstances)
  • For more information, read the Government’s updated Q&A document on what you can and cannot do. 

The Government’s overarching guidance remains the same. Everyone must: 

  • Stay at home as much as possible 
  • Work from home if you can 
  • Limit contact with other people 
  • Keep your distance if you go out (two metres apart where possible) 
  • Wash your hands regularly 

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of a high temperature, or a new, continuous cough or a loss of, or change to your sense of smell or taste. 

You can find further advice and information on hygiene precautions and social distancing on the NHS website. 

Face coverings mandatory from Monday on the transport network

travel tips and face coverings

With many more businesses and retailers opening up for business again next week, more people are expected to resume using public transport. 

From Monday 15 June if you use the TfL transport network you must wear a face covering for the duration of your journey.  

The face covering can be a simple cloth that covers the nose and mouth. Online guidance on making your own is available. 

Also from Monday, as part of TfL's recent funding and finance agreement with the Government, passengers with an Older Person’s Freedom Pass, 60+ Oyster photocard or English National Concessionary Scheme pass will not be able to use those passes during weekday morning peak hours. 

This is in order to help support social distancing on the public transport network and help control the coronavirus. 

You can find out more about the temporary changes to the Older Person’s Freedom Pass and 60+ Oyster card here.  

Face coverings in hospital 

face covering

It has been announced that face masks are to be worn by all NHS hospital staff and all visitors must wear face coverings from Monday. Anyone visiting a hospital from next week should wear a face covering but a face mask will be provided in emergencies. 

You can find out more about this announcement on the Government’s website.  

Support for shops reopening

shopping and retail

Shops will be able to begin opening again, the Government has already announced outdoor markets and car show rooms are permitted to open earlier this month.

High street retailers and department stores, including book shops, electronics retailers, tailors, auction houses, photography studios, indoor markets, and shops selling clothes, shoes and toys, will be allowed to open their doors again on Monday.

To prepare for the reopening of non-essential retail, we’re working closely with the retail sector in our borough to introduce a range of safety measures in a move to kick-start local economies, get people back to work and customers back to the shops. We have supported a range of practical safety measures including new signs, street markings and temporary barriers, so retail outlets can start to trade safely in our high streets and in other public spaces in Hounslow. 

Read the latest guidance for people who work in, or run shops here, further guidance on how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.  

Supporting the safe reopening of faith buildings 


Some places of worship in Hounslow could start to reopen from Monday for individual prayer as part of the Government’s recovery plan. 

However, before this can happen safety measures must be put in place in line with guidance on social distancing and cleaning to protect our residents, particularly those most vulnerable. If faith buildings are considering opening in this limited way, please also consider the impact on other local faith communities. 

We are in contact with faith leaders across the borough to help with preparations for reopening safely. We hope that safety measures can be put in place in time but if they can’t, it’s important that faith buildings remain closed and residents continue to worship at home. 

We know the importance of faith buildings and that they bring comfort, security and enrichment, but preventing the spread of coronavirus must remain our number one priority. 

Under the existing regulations, funerals are allowed in places of worship where it is possible to do so safely. Other gatherings and services such as baptisms, weddings, supplementary schools, meetings and classes are not permitted. 

You can read more about the Government’s announcement to reopen places of worship for individual prayer here and the new guidance for faith buildings and their staff to ensure places of worship are covid secure here  

New funding to support our local voluntary and community sector (VCSE) 

hub volunteers

Local voluntary and community organisations can now apply for up to £10,000 from the Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund. 

We have launched this new fund to help alleviate the impact of coronavirus on local voluntary and community groups and the residents that depend on their services.  

The Thriving Communities fund will help support charities and the voluntary sector to continue their vital work beyond the lockdown and support our most vulnerable residents during these challenging times and help to reduce social isolation in this crisis. Now more than ever this support will play a pivotal role in making sure no one is left behind.  

Proposals can be made until 31 August 2020, with decisions expected within four weeks.  

You can find out more about the Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund on our website 

Hounslow House goes green for Grenfell 


The third anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy.

A message from Cllr Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Climate Emergency, on the third anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy this Sunday.

“We are currently living through challenging times but it is imperative that we remember the devastating Grenfell Tower fire. As a mark of remembrance on the third anniversary of the fire, Hounslow will join other public bodies and light Hounslow House in green from this evening until the anniversary on Sunday 14 June. 

We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who supported the emergency response efforts. At the time the Council provided key workers for affected families whilst also running an assistance centre to help families in the area get the support they needed.

Three years on we stand in solidarity with all those impacted by this tragedy.”

You can read this statement on our website

Mobile test centre available in Isleworth next Monday and Tuesday

coronavirus testing

The mobile coronavirus test centres form an essential part of the national testing programme and will be available again this Sunday and Monday.    

When:  Monday 15 June and Tuesday 16 June 10.30am-3.30pm    

Where: Grasshoppers’ Rugby Club, Syon Lane, Osterley, Isleworth, TW7 5PN.  

There is a mixture of walk-in and drive-through appointments at this test centre. Please note you can only book your appointment from 48 hours beforehand via the NHS website  

You must register via the portal before attending a mobile testing unit and bring your 16-digit code or appointment confirmation with you on your mobile phone.Tests should be taken within five days of developing symptoms as this is when the test is most accurate.    

Booking appointments and requesting a walk-in appointment: 

If you would like a walk-in appointment at the mobile testing centre, please put “unknown” in the box requiring your vehicle registration number. This should allow you to continue the booking process.     

If you have any problems refer to the helpline detailed below, or you can use the 16-digit authorisation code that is sent to you via SMS and go to the testing centre anytime on foot or in a car between 10.30am and 3.30pm where local authority staff will help you.     

Alternative testing provision  

Please note that if an appointment is not available at the Grasshoppers’ site then the same testing criteria apply for bookings at the Twickenham testing site, and they operate seven days a week. They do however only offer drive-in appointments.    

There are also home testing kits available, bookable via the same NHS website.      

Questions or problems  

If anyone has any problems booking via the portal, please contact the National Coronavirus Testing Helpline on 0300 303 2713.    

If you have any questions about testing, please contact  

Fraudsters target Test and Trace users 

Test and Trace how to spot fakes

Following the launch of the NHS Test and Trace service, aimed at contacting those who may have come into contact with someone with coronavirus symptoms.   

Scammers could be exploiting the launch of the new NHS Test and Trace service. Watch out for fake Test and Trace messages that are actually phishing attempts to obtain personal information. There are a number of ways to verify if you are being contacted by genuine NHS Test and Trace staff.

You can find out more about this service here.

Travel abroad safely during the coronavirus pandemic 

Travel UK border

The Government has published guidance on how to travel safely whilst at the airport before your journey, in the aircraft and advice which you should follow when you arrive at your destination.   

As some of the restrictions start to ease, some of us will be thinking about holidays and travelling outside of the UK. Before booking a flight, understand the public health requirements of your destination country, restrictions on re-entering the UK and read the following guidance: 

Where possible, your airline will inform you on measures to minimise transmission of coronavirus. 

You can find the full guidance on face coverings, social distancing and measures you will need to take to take at the airport and to safely board an aircraft here.  

Oral health

dentist and oral health

Dental practices have been able to reopen this week; some may not open at all and those that do will be operating in a different way to ensure patients can visit their surgeries safely. 

It is recommended that patients call their local practice who will be able to advise them accordingly.  


A message for all to hear

translated COVID messages PHE

Public Health England (PHE) has translated the message that coronavirus testing and treatment is free of charge, into 60 languages.

PHE has worked with Doctors of the World and the British Red Cross to provide detailed information and advice in languages including Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Urdu and Punjabi

For information in other languages visit the PHE Migrant Health Guide. 

Domestic abuse - know the signs

Domestic abuse

It’s important to look out for our neighbours during lockdown, and to keep an eye out for the signs of domestic abuse.  

The common signs of domestic abuse include:   

Scared – are they fearful of their loved one, scared when around them? 

Possessive – is their behaviour controlled by their partner? E.g. Who they speak to, where they go, what they wear? 

Online and tech abuse – does their partner monitor their phone, computer or banking? 

Threats – does their partner threaten to harm them, take their children, report them to immigration, or threaten to self-harm? 

Demeanour – are they withdrawn, anxious, depressed or does it feel as if they are walking on eggshells? 

Violence – are there visible injuries, has there been damage to property? Do you hear a lot of shouting and abusive arguments? 

If you notice any of these signs you can help by calling:  

The Police on 999 in an emergency, or 101 in a non-emergency 

Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to report anonymously  

If you are concerned about anyone at risk of domestic abuse in the community, please let them know that our specialist domestic and sexual violence service for Hounslow is still open. They can be contacted on 07810 031780, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm and we have developed new ways of working to support anyone experiencing domestic abuse during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Download and/or share oursafety card  with friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues and for more support and advice please visit our website.  

Crowdfunding for local businesses

Pay it forward

Businesses that may be struggling due to the impact of coronavirus, are invited to register for a free crowdfunding initiative from the Mayor of London. Pay It Forward helps businesses survive the lockdown by pre-selling vouchers, goods and services.   

Anyone in Hounslow can support the scheme by paying for goods and services in advance to ease cash flow problems for local businesses.     

You can find out more about the Pay It Forward initiative here.  

Staying fit –Couch to 5k

NHS couch to 5k

Staying physically active is really important for good health and wellbeing, particularly at the moment, where many of us are staying at home more than usual. 

Public Health England and partners have launched their Couch to 5K nine-week running programme as an accessible way to stay physically active while social distancing measures remain in place.  

The One You Hounslow Couch to 5K 9-week programme encourages everyone to become more active every day in an easy and fun way, using a step-by-step approach.  

Ahandy and helpful app helps set realistic goals and achievable challenges to help get anyone on the road to running 5k.  

You can share your experiences on social media using hashtag #Couchto5K.  

Learn to work effectively with your team by enrolling on a Digital Skills Course 

Learn Hounslow

Learn Hounslow  are running a wide range of free online courses. There is something for everyone: Employment and Business Support, Fitness, Art, Sewing, Pottery and much more. Share with clients or join yourself. You can find out more about the courses on offer on their website 

Learn to work effectively with your team by enrolling on a Digital Skills Course. 

Improve your digital skills, learn how to collaborative in real time on spreadsheets, documents and presentations.  

Courses starting next week: 

- Digital spreadsheet basics - Google sheets 

- Digital documents basics - Google docs 

- Digital skills for employment 

 Call the team on 02085836000 to enrol on these courses 

Carers Week 

Hounslow Carers Week

It's Carers Week and a chance to say a special thanks to the thousands of unpaid, non-professional carers in Hounslow who look after their loved ones or support vulnerable residents across our communities.

We understand that there are many challenges for carers and that the pandemic may have brought additional stresses for you and your families. 

The theme for this year is ‘Making carers visible’. While the week brings an important focus to unpaid carers, we also want to acknowledge and thank all types of carers working so hard across our borough at this time.

This year’s celebration will be moving online with a series of live events, videos and podcasts.

There will be a video from HRCH NHS Trust on managing challenging behaviour. Local Hounslow GP, Dr Fabio Conti, is recording two podcasts - one on “Is the person I care for well?(signs and symptoms of illness to look out for) and the other answering questions submitted by Hounslow carers on coronavirus from a GP’s perspective. Local yoga teacher (and carer herself) Sefali Dhani will be delivering an online breathwork and meditation session.

The Alzheimer’s Society, Hestia and The Mulberry Centre are also running online events and activities to celebrate carers.

Carers Week 2020 Event Timetable

OneYou Hounslow are also offering three free webinars over the next three days to celebrate Carers Week 2020. The webinars will cover nutrition, physical activity and stop smoking support. You find out more about these webinars here. 

Diabetes support for residents

Diabetes Week

Do you want to take control of your diabetes this Diabetes Week? Whether you find carb counting confusing or need advice on lifestyle or medication, there’s support available on all aspects of living with diabetes.

New research shows that people with diabetes are more at risk from complications due to coronavirus, so now it’s more important than ever to take action and get your blood sugars in range. A new dedicated website Know Diabetes has been setup to provide residents with advice, tools and tips on staying healthy and managing  diabetes. Diabetes UK also has a dedicated helpline and online tools to help people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes manage the condition effectively. 

You can also continue to access your usual local diabetes support for advice through telephone or virtual appointments.

You can find out more about the free Know Diabetes resource and the work we are doing with the local NHS to support people living with diabetes and anyone at risk of developing diabetes on our website

Entertainment and culture to enjoy at home 

bedford park festival

Bedford Park Festival starts this weekend 

Bedford Park Festival is an online event this year, with a virtual Green Days weekend, a virtual craft market, radio plays and podcasts.  The Chiswick Calendar is one of the festival's online platforms.

They will be hosting the Photography competition and the Summer Exhibition and have had a hand in a radio play with an all-star cast, including Kevin McNally, Phyllis Logan and Jeremy Vine, and a podcast which will reveal new research about the Chiswick Empire theatre. They will also be presenting the YouTube Premiere of Gypsy Jazz band Trio Manouche's new album, recorded in lockdown. The band always attract a large crowd at their Jazz at the George IV sessions, so they are hoping they will online too for the Isolation Sessions on Friday 19 June.  

For more about this year's Bedford Park Festival, see Torin Douglas' guest blog on The Chiswick Calendar website 

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House- Live from Covent Garden tomorrow evening  

While their wonderful building is closed to the public, Royal Opera House are bringing you three very special performances streamed live from the Royal Opera House as part of their #OurHouseToYourHouse series. 

Live from Covent Garden will celebrate ballet and opera in programmes of dance and music, curated by artistic directors of the Royal Opera House: Antonio Pappano, Music Director of The Royal Opera, Oliver Mears, Director of Opera, and Kevin O’Hare, Director of The Royal Ballet. 

These will be the first live performances at the Royal Opera House since they closed their doors in March. The first performance will be tomorrow, broadcast live at 7.30pm and will be free. 

Highlights include: 

  • An intimate new ballet choreographed by Royal Ballet Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor 
  • Performances by world-class singers including Louise Alder, Toby Spence and Gerald Finley, of a range of repertory by composers from Handel, Butterworth and Britten to Mark-Anthony Turnage. 

You can find out more about the Live from Covent Garden programmes of dance and music on their website. 

watermans no ticket required

Watermans bringing the cinema to you 

Watermans continues to send cinema, performance and family recommendations by email each week so you won't miss out on all the best culture out there. You can sign up for their emails here. If you're into film, why not take a look at their new free online Cinema Club: No Ticket Required is now on its fourth session and with over 50 screens joining every discussion, it's been a great success. Find out more about the club here, as well as the next film for discussion which is Who You Think I Am, an intriguing French film starring Juliette Binoche.  


Looking to spend more time outdoors now the lockdown has been eased? 

The Ordnance Survey has worked with Natural England to create a website that brings together current advice from the Government, councils and other outdoor organisations, to help you decide where to go and what to do outside. 

The website allows visitors to search by activity and location for suggestions and ideas about how you can get outside safely.  

Nature takes over  

Although life has been paused for most of us, nature is thoroughly enjoying itself with flowers blossoming, birds building their nests and being very vocal! London Wildlife Trust have got some great activities that you can try from home. 

Getting out and about in nature can have such a positive impact on us and is important for our mental and physical wellbeing. We want residents to enjoy our open spaces, but please make sure you do so safely, by keeping a two-metre distance at all times. 

Dalloway Day

Tomorrow is Dalloway Day

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), was one of the leading female writers of the 20th century, a feminist thinker and an influential member of the Bloomsbury Group.

Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway is set in a single city on a single day: London, 13 June 1923: A novel by a woman about a day in the life of a woman, with an emphatically feminine title.

Mrs Dalloway is a superbly crafted and influential novel, a reflection on ageing and change, but also a wonderful tribute to endurance and joy, to life, to London and to this moment in June.

Celebrate Dalloway Day in style: Join the Royal Society of Literature's virtual Dalloway Day 2020.

Latest jobs and opportunities


Clifton Gardens care home in Chiswick is recruiting for domestic assistants and Marjory Kinnon School in Feltham are recruiting for a Primary Teaching Assistant, a Secondary Teaching Assistant and an Apprentice Teaching Assistant.

For full details on these and other current vacancies please visit our website 

Online resources for health, education and wellbeing 

New for adults, young people, children and families;  

Hear Me Hounslow brings you creative activities during lockdown, to brighten up your local area.Over the next few weeks there will be a series of creative activities that you can get involved in, and the first one is titled: My Quarantine.

NHS Fitness Studio  has some great new workout routines that you can do anytime, anywhere including, aerobics, belly dancing, pilates and yoga.

Step Change Studios offers online dance classes for people with visual impairments. The classes are every Saturday at 11am. Anyone interested in taking part should email

Virtual Inclusive Fitness Classes Disability Sports Coach are delivering 45-minute virtual inclusive fitness classes on Wednesdays at 3pm. Join them for an inclusive physical activity session with others from around the world.

Skipz Productions is organising weekly online classes for children over 6 years old providing classes in drama, dance, singing and a detective class and are being delivered after school.

Hounslow Cycling sessions in conjunction with Bikeworks, is for anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. Free ‘Dr Bike’ bike servicing also available, click here for the schedule.

LYG Virtual Games is open to all children and young people from Hounslow. A leaderboard with the latest Borough standings will be updated every week. #ThisIsLYG.

Football Development sessions BFCCST are running live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, for age groups 3 to 6 and 7 to 11yrs.

Puregym is offering free classes, just download the app.

Concert Roulette is a new way of discovering classical music, there are hundreds of videos from around the world.

Visit for more support and information.

Latest information and advice

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The Council has a coronavirus advice webpage which is updated daily with the latest local information for residents and businesses. 

Advice in accessible formats and different languages

You can also follow us on social media using the links below. 

The latest information on coronavirus in general is available on the Government’s website. 

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