Coronavirus update: 30 March 2020

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30 March 2020   

Support Hub makes first deliveries 

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The Council’s Community Support Hub – established to provide support for the most vulnerable residents identified by the NHS to be ‘shielded’ - went live on Thursday.

The priority of the Hub is to protect the most isolated and vulnerable individuals identified and contacted by the NHS to be ‘shielded’. These residents have serious long-term health conditions and are isolated. It’s vital we ensure there are support networks in place so they’re looked after. It’s expected that there will be over 3,000 such people in Hounslow. The Hub is also there for anyone else vulnerable and isolated who may not have been contacted by the NHS but needs urgent support.  

The Council is working with community partners, businesses and local volunteers to make sure these people receive the supplies they need – whether it be food, or other essential support, which may range from befriending to more complex care. 

So far the Council has been advised of the those residents who have responded to the NHS shielded letter, but we expect over the coming days to be informed of many more people who will have been advised to stay at home for 12 weeks. Please don’t contact the Hub unless you, or someone you know, are vulnerable, isolated and have an urgent needOther advice and support is available through the coronavirus section of our website. 

The food received from Government on Saturday was basic, emergency provisions. The Council is looking to source its own, local supply of food for our vulnerable residents, and particularly provide more variety and fresh food.  

Whilst the Hub is expected to focus primarily on supporting ‘shielded’ residents in the short-term, it will also connect people who need help in other ways to people and organisations who can help. 

Public Health England mental health campaign launched 

Every mind matters

Your mental health and wellbeing is important. During these challenging times, the Government has announced a new £5 million grant for leading mental health charities, administered by Mind, to fund additional services for people struggling with their mental wellbeing. This could include telephone and online support services for the most isolated and vulnerable in our communities. 

Public Health England has updated its world-leading Every Mind Matters platform. You can also access helpful tips and advice to take care of your mental health and wellbeing, get free ten-minute workouts, and advice on how to improve your sleep

Stop wasting food - make the most of it

food waste

We’re getting reports of gone-off food being thrown away, and our collection teams are reporting similar levels of waste to Christmas. Please don’t buy more fresh food than you think you’ll be able to eat. If you think you have got too much, here are some tips on how to make the most of it: 

We’re still collecting food waste, so make sure you put your caddy out for recycling. Find out when.  

Always remember to ‘reduce and reuse’ as well as ‘recycling  and composting’ and when putting your bins out, please keep them on one side of the pavement to help our workers save time! 

Support rough sleepers 

Rough sleepers are among those most vulnerable to the risks caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Individuals often have complex needs and each case is different, but we will continue to do what we can to ensure every homeless person is safe. 

How you can help: 

Tell Street Link – if you’re concerned about someone rough sleeping. 

Contact us – if you or someone you know is at risk of homelessness.  

Online resources for health, education and wellbeing 

Hounslow Council’s mobile library will remain open, delivering books to your home, on a non-contract basis and the online service will continue.  

OneYouHounslow - Hints and tips on how you can stay active from home 

Lessons led by celebrities - Home schooling is about to be a lot more fun, with a host of fun-filled sessions led by celebrities such as Joe Wicks and David Walliams 

BBC Bitesize - In April there will be daily content that supports education and wellbeing for pupils from primary to post 16 education 

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust is offering free online fitness, yoga and Pilates classes to Hounslow residents starting tomorrow night from 6pm. Book here 

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