90 Day Challenge Update #5

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90 Day Challenge #5

Welcome to Week 5

Keep up the great work everyone and remember it’s not just about the weight you lose, but the healthy lifestyle you gain.

Congratulations to Team JS who have managed to retain their lead for the 4th week in a row! It's still very early days and all to play for. 

Well done to those of you who submitted an answer to our bonus point question last week. Answer: The combined total of fruit juices and smoothies should be limited to 150ml.

This week we have included some more top tips to keep you on track with a focus on behaviour change and weight-loss myth busting.


Simply attend next week's Shift the Timber session on Monday evening at 6pm and win your team an additional bonus point!

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What's Stopping You?

We all know what we should be eating and how much physical activity we should be doing but what’s stopping you?

While it is rare for any one factor to be the cause of obesity or failure to maintain a healthy weight, examining possible stumbling blocks is the key.

Here are some reasons why you might find it hard to lose weight:

 A lack of time to prepare healthy meals

∙ Not knowing how to lose weight

∙ Lack of interest

∙ A lack of willpower to stick to a healthy eating and exercise routine

∙ The intense influence of advertisements urging you to eat unhealthy foods

If you would like extra one-to-one support with one of our friendly advisors on healthy eating and physical activity, do not hesitate to get in touch.  

Fats article

The Facts About Fats

It's not all bad. Understanding fat will enable you to eat tastier and healthier. 

It’s not always clear what we should or shouldn't be eating to improve our heart health, especially when it comes to fats. Despite what you read in the media, the advice is clear – replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats and avoid trans fats. Saturated fat is the kind of fat found in butter, lard, ghee, fatty meats and cheese. Vegetable oils are the healthy choice for frying and baking, and plant-based spreads, avocados or nut butters for sandwiches, toast and potatoes. These are healthier choices than butter or lard.

A guide when checking labels: 

  • 3g of TOTAL FAT (per 100g - or per serving if less than 100g) is a LITTLE fat
  • 17.5g of TOTAL FAT (per 100g) is a LOT of fat
  • 1.5g of SATURATED fat is a LITTLE fat
  • 5g of SATURATED fat is a LOT of fat.

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Exercise session at home! 

Why not give this week's exercise session at home a go?! Our instructor Liam has recorded a beginner level workout, suitable for all abilities. We hope you enjoyed the exercise session Liam led on Monday evening. Don't forget to book your place if you would like to attend the session next week!

You can also revisit the sessions from previous updates as they have been uploaded to the dedicated 90 Day Challenge page on our website.

Session Five

Diet myths

Weight-loss Myth Busting

The sheer volume of misinformation regarding weight loss and dieting can make this subject difficult to navigate and it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

Check out the truths about these common weight loss myths:

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Weight Loss

Understand Your Weight

Your weight and body shape impact
your risk of heart and circulatory diseases. We are asking you to send us your weight each week, but how much do you actually understand about your own weight. 

Watch this video to find out more. 

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Exercise of the Week 3

Keeping Active

We've upped the activity this week with nine exercises and the cardio section is now for 45 seconds followed by a 30 second rest. You can do this! 

Regular physical activity can improve bone and functional health whilst helping to maintain a healthy body weight.

Workout Session 5

Don't forget to read the exercise disclaimer before undertaking any exercise.

Is drink sneaking up on you?

Alcohol Service Image

If you're trying to lose weight you need to think about what you are drinking as well as what you are eating.

Drinking 4 bottles of wine a month adds up to a yearly consumption of around 27,000kcal, which is equivalent to eating 48 Big Macs per year! Drinking 5 pints of lager each week adds up to 44,200kcal over a year, equivalent to eating 221 doughnuts.

If you would like free and confidential support to help you cut down get in touch.

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Don't forget to submit your weight by SMS or email every Monday by 5pm. We had to dock some points this week for those not submitting their weight by the deadline which did impact on league table positions...so try not to forget!

Support is on hand if you are struggling with your weight loss, get in touch to book an appointment with an advisor.

Visit the dedicated webpage to keep up to date with all the 90 Day Challenge News.