June Wellbeing Newsletter

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Health and Wellbeing

June 2021

wellbeing shop launch

Horsham Wellbeing Centre Launch Week!

We are excited to let you know that our new Wellbeing Centre in Horsham town will officially be opening on Saturday 19 June at 10am! We will officially cut the ribbon at 10am and then open up so you can have a look around and meet the team. You will find information about all of our free services and courses.

We plan to have themed events running all week so that you can pop in and find out more about all the services on offer.

Mon 21 June: Move More Monday

Tues 22 June: Strong & Steady Tuesday

Wed 23 June: Weight Off Wednesday

Thurs 24 June: Time to Quit and Cut Back

Fri 25 June: Feel Good Friday

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Your Covid-19 Hero

We’re looking for somebody to officially cut the ribbon and open our shop on Saturday 19 June and we would like a Covid Hero to do it!

We are asking you to nominate someone you feel has gone above and beyond in the last year or so. This could be a key worker professional or a community ambassador who has carried out much needed charity and voluntary work.

This person will help cut the ribbon and be photographed on the day as well as receive a recognition prize and be mentioned on our social media channels.

How to nominate

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Summer wellbeing

For many of us, the Summer months can bring  temptations of too much sun exposure, sweet treats, hay fever and other health woes – so lets think of Summer wellbeing as, happy body, happy mind.

What you eat, how you move your body, how much you sleep, how you relate to others, and how you deal with stress are just as important in the warmer weather. To get you back on track, take a look at our helpful ways to reassess your goals for the year and find balance again in your wellbeing. 

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Drink more water

Hydration is always important, but especially in hot and humid weather. To ensure you're staying hydrated in the warmer months, we've put together some top tips on how to up your fluids!

Top tips



If you're still struggling with your weight post lockdown, our Weight Off workshops could be the answer! Our popular 12 week course focuses on weight loss, physical and emotional wellbeing, and making sustainable lifestyle improvements. Let us help you reach your goals!

Available dates; 

Wednesday 7 July 2021 at 6pm 

Friday 9 July 2021 at 11.30am 

 Spaces are limited so register your interest now!

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strong and steady

Strong and Steady Course

Our Strong and Steady course is for people who wobble, trip or stumble and those concerned about falling.

This friendly and practical group session is designed to build confidence, improve knowledge and encourage you to do simple exercises at home that can help prevent falls.

Our new Workshop DVD is almost ready so if you can't get to a course and want to learn a simple strength and balance routine to do at home, this workshop could be for you.

Our next face to face courses are scheduled to start 28 September 2021 with pre-course assessments running in August & September. 

If you're looking for a low impact activity and want to build your confidence with balance, flexibility and co-ordination, get in touch with us to book your pre assessment session. 

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mens health

The Challenge is back!

If you missed out back in January, then July is the month to get you fitter and healthier this Summer! 

If you’re looking for a healthy, sustainable and fun way of getting into shape, join our 90-day challenge to see if your team can lose the most weight and become the champions!

There will be prizes for the winners and runners up and spot prizes will be up for grabs for completing additional challenges.

Not only will you receive support and top tips from our team of friendly advisors you will also get free weekly exercise sessions - a deal too good to miss! 

What have you got to lose (apart from a bit of weight!?) Get in touch today. 

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welbeing package

The Wellbeing Package

Do you find you're comfort eating when stressed, anxious or bored? Don't worry, you are not alone.

We tend to crave sugary and fatty foods to make ourselves feel better, but in the long run it makes us feel worse.

Our three-session Wellbeing Package explores different areas of your health and wellbeing, including Emotional Eating, Diet and Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Our advisors are trained in ‘Emotional Eating’ and can help you understand why you crave certain foods; help you to recognise your triggers and barriers; and advise you on ways to stop this emotional eating roller coaster.

Get in touch for more information and book your first session today! 

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better you

Better You 

Feel better with the 'Better You virtual exercise referral programme'. A bespoke programme of one-to-one consultations alongside 12 weeks of online fitness classes designed to improve your health and mental wellbeing. 

'Better You' may be suitable for you if: you have a medical condition that can be improved with regular exercise; you struggle with weight management and need support; or your GP, healthcare worker or other professional has advised you to be more active.

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Carers Week

Making Caring Visible and Valued

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contributions they make to families and our local community.

Carers Support have put together a programme of carer focused workshops where carers can; 

  • Learn something new or improve knowledge
  • Virtually meet others in a similar situation and have a chance to socialise
  • Have a break from caring roles

Find out more about the events here; 

Carers week

mens health week image

Men's Health Week

Men's Health Week 2021 (14-21 June) asks: How do we move forward?

Men's Health Week raises awareness of the health issues that affect men. Focusing on getting men to become more aware of health problems they may have or could develop and gain the courage to do something about it.  

Everybody's mental health has been challenged by the lockdowns and insecurities of the last year but even before the pandemic, men's mental health was a cause for concern. Let's raise awareness of the low number of men who seek treatment for depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, it could save their life. 

Mens Health Forum

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5 Ways to Wellbeing

We hope you achieved to connect with someone last month as part of our 5 Ways to wellbeing challenge. Let's continue the positive steps by adding in some exercise! 

Explore some ways to incorporate an activity in your daily routine and more importantly, enjoy it.

Staying active

make space