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Health and Wellbeing 

December is here!

Welcome to your December Health and Wellbeing update, full of useful hints and tips about how to stay well over winter as well as exciting new courses and services that we are offering next year.

Loneliness at Christmas


Do you sometimes feel lonely around this time of year? Do you suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or social isolation?

If so, you are not alone. Millions of people of all ages across the UK are alone over the Christmas period. We've put together some unusual and different ways of coping with loneliness at Christmas, from volunteering, being a host to someone in need or to enjoying your solitude.

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All New Weight Off Workshops


Do you feel you are overweight?

Have you been putting on the pounds recently?

Are you ready to create healthier habits?

In January 2020 we are launching our brand new Weight Off Workshops, WOW and WOW Plus. These are a perfect way to kick start your weight loss journey. Over 12 weeks both our workshops focus on weight loss, physical and emotional wellbeing along with advice and tips for sustainable lifestyle improvements. The WOW Plus workshops also offer a gentle introduction to exercise which can be tailored to suit your needs. 

For more information visit our website or complete an enquiry form.

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Client of the month...


This month we want to celebrate the achievements of one of our clients who has made great improvements to his health.

Richard attended one of our 12-week weight management courses and had a Wellbeing MOT before and after the course. The results showed he managed to lose 9.6lb in weight, reduce his fat percentage by 4.5% and improve his metabolic age by 13 years! Well done Richard! 

What did Richard have to say?

'I found a new interest in nutrition, now being so inspired I want to learn more about it.The course has been expertly delivered by dedicated and passionate people...thank you so very much to everybody for your passion and knowledge. I have really benefited from the course and have enjoyed it very much, thank you'.

If you would like to know more about the support we can offer you to help you achieve your goals then get in touch!

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indoor exercises

Stay active indoors this winter

Exercise is important all year round but perhaps most importantly during the colder months when the tempreature drops or it's unsafe to be outside.

This NHS 10 minute workout guide shows you  basic home exercises for people who want to stay active indoors.

Exercising in Winter

Strength, balance, flexibility and sitting exercises are ideal if you want to improve your health, lift your mood and remain independent. Take a look at the NHS 'Easy low impact exercise' section to get started.

Easy Home exercises

Taking Care This Winter



LEAP Service

LEAP is FREE service that can help you keep warm and can reduce your energy bills without costing you money.

You can apply now, for you or somebody else by clicking the button below or by phoning (FREE) on 0800 060 7567.

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NHS help us help you logo


"Don't suffer in Silence" 

The NHS’ winter campaign – ‘Help Us, Help You’ – is here to help make it easier to understand the things you can do to manage your health during winter, and get the best out of your NHS. 


Five ways to stay healthy

dry Jan banner2
drinks work

Are you finding it harder to stay dry at the weekend? Is most of your drinking at home as an after-work habit, or out with friends where it’s harder to avoid the social pressure?

Horsham District Council’s Wellbeing Team is supporting Alcohol Concern’s Dry January Campaign. 

Dry January is the UK's one-month booze-free challenge that helps millions reset their relationship with alcohol every year.

More information 

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App of the Month!

We have chosen 'Try Dry' as our 'App of the Month' because;

  • It will will boost your motivation to keep going during the Christmas period and means you can carry some encouragement around in your pocket all month, or all year long.
  • You can download the free app to help you meet your goals, whether you want to take on Dry January (or another dry challenge), cut down on your drinking, or go totally alcohol-free.
dry Jan app

Track your units, calories and money saved when you cut down or cut out alcohol

Understand your drinking pattern and track your progress by using the 'My charts' feature to see how much money you spend, units you drink and calories you consume over a time period

Use the health quiz to check up on your drinking

Keep track of your current and best ever dry streaks

Get the app 

Coming soon

Coming soon...

Keep an eye out for news about more services and courses that we will be offering next year

  • NHS Health Checks
  • Strong and Steady Workshops
  • Stop Smoking Clinics
  • Alcohol Advice Sessions
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