Missed our recent Talking Points meetings? Here’s your chance to catch up.

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Dear colleague,

We only keep the recordings for a limited time, so this is your opportunity to catch up on the latest meetings. 

Paying the right amount of tax through Pay As You Earn (PAYE): From May 2017, HMRC will improve the way we use real time information to make automatic adjustments to PAYE tax codes as they happen. This meeting explained how this will affect employers and their staff: Register and view

Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED): ATED has released a new digital service and this meeting demonstrated the service from registration to submitting returns: Register and view

Charities and the Common Reporting Standard: This meeting covered reporting obligations for UK charities that are in place to tackle offshore tax evasion. It was led by HMRC experts who explained the possible benefits to your charity, or a charity that you advise: Register and view

These interactive meetings were run on the ‘CITRIX’ platform and the information was correct at the time they were originally broadcast.

The future Talking Points programme and links to other recordings we’ve published will continue to be hosted on GOV.UK.