Your completed lease extensions may not have a new title number

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Dear customer

Between 12 February and 31 March, we are trialling a new internal process for completing applications to extend the term of a lease. You do not have to change what you do.

During this time, if we complete your lease extension application as part of the trial, the title plan and title register you receive will have the same title number as the original lease. That’s because we will re-use the existing leasehold title number, adding all the relevant information, rather than create a new title.

Please continue to send us your applications, along with any supporting deeds or documents (including any deed of substituted security), in the same way you always have. The fees payable are also unchanged.

We started trialling this approach in 2017 with a limited number of customers. The initial findings have shown:

  • a reduction in the time we take to complete these applications; and
  • customers felt they had greater transparency because the title number remained the same.

We are therefore widening the trial to cover all the lease extensions we complete at our Durham and Plymouth offices, to see whether the change can make the process simpler, faster and cheaper for everyone.

We welcome your feedback about the trial and would like to hear from you if you have any concerns: