Chisholm Trail - new jetty and Abbey/Chesterton Bridge

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Abbey/Chesterton bridge

Chisholm Trail - news


We wanted to inform you of the currently anticipated navigation disruption information for the installation of the jetty and of Abbey/Chesterton bridge, as part of The Chisholm Trail. The below dates are subject to change, however we want to provide as much notice as possible. Please note that during this period there will also be disruption on Fen Road which we have highlighted below.


The works to install the new jetty and Abbey/Chesterton Bridge are scheduled to take place from 20 July 2020 to August 16 2020 during the day from 8am to 6pm, and during the night, where shown below, from 8pm to 6am Monday to Friday. Full details are below:



Work to be undertaken



20-22 July 2020

Moving of pontoons to the south side of the River Cam.

2 working days.

Full river closure.

22-24 July 2020

Installation of western sections of the jetty from the floating pontoon including moving the crane from the Pike and Eel.

3 working days and nights.

Full river closure.

Fen Road will be restricted to one lane under stop/go boards to facilitate the offloading of the crane.

21 July and 24 July 2020

Fen Road will be closed in both directions for 15 mins to turn the crane.

The installation work is likely to be needed to be carried out at night.

Fen Road restrictions.

27 July 2020

Installation of centre section of jetty from the floating pontoon.

1 working day.

Full river closure.

28-30 July 2020

Installation of eastern jetty section with crane mobilised from northern compound.

3 working days.

Full river closure.

31 July-3 August 2020

Demobilisation of pontoons from the south side of the River Cam.

2 working days.

Full river closure.

8pm 15 August-6am 16 August 2020

Lift in of new bridge.

1 night.

One night full river closure.

A contingency of 5 days is added to these dates for poor weather between 4 August 2020 and 10 August 2020.


A letter outlining the above information is being sent to residents in the area as well as users of the River Cam. Signage is also being placed on Fen Road and the river towpath to advise of these disruptions.


Based on current timescales and with inevitable delays in relation to Covid-19, we are planning for the jetty to open by the end of this year, with the bridge opening later in 2021.


Should you have any questions on the above works, please contact the contractor’s Project Manager, Alex Bedford at or via the out of hours number: 0800 876 6087. Updates will be posted on GCP’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.


With thanks


Greater Cambridge Partnership