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May 2020


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'Wendy' SAR

ESAB has published the SAR Overview Report of a Safeguarding Adult Review regarding Wendy (pseudonym), 74 years, who died in September 2018.   The review was commissioned by the Board in 2018 following a referral from Adult Social Care.

ESAB is responsible for initiating a SAR when:

  • When an adult in its area dies as a result of abuse or neglect, whether known or suspected, and there is concern that partner agencies could have worked more effectively to protect the adult (as well as in other circumstances)

Wendy lived with her husband and son, with her son providing the majority of care to Wendy.  In addition, Domiciliary Carers visited Wendy to provide personal care.  The SAR touches on the following issues:

  • The cancellation of domiciliary care by a family member
  • How agencies in contact with Wendy and her son in the months prior to her death worked together.
  • Challenges experienced by practitioners accessing the property due to the home environment
  • Decisions made about Wendy’s care and support needs following conversations with family, with Wendy’s views not being sought.

The SAR Overview report can be accessed from the ESAB website.

Website Updates

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The ESAB website continues to see some layout and content changes. Our 'Abuse' section has been updated, with a Abuse Resource Library. In addition an 'I need help' area designed for members of the public has been added. Here they can find resources and connections to local and national support services, listed all in one area. 

Staff Survey

Between September and January ESAB conducted a staff survey, where staff were invited to answer 10 questions about safeguarding adults.

In total 2413 people completed the survey, which identified a lot of good practice as well as identifying areas that the Board could focus on.

Good practice

  • 80% of respondents who completed the survey would contact their safeguarding lead if they wanted safeguarding adult information. 
  • 93% felt the safeguarding process made people safer.
  • 71% respondents indicated 7 or more for this question stating that they have sufficient safeguarding training for their role.
  • 81% people felt that the adult should make decisions about what they want to happen in a safeguarding enquiry.

Areas for development

  • 57% of people talk about safeguarding as part of team meetings/supervision.  
  • 42% would talk to the adult themselves if they had concerns an adult was being neglected or abused.
  • 51% would reporting to the police where a crime has been committed.


Training Updates

Course Cancellations

Due to the present times surrounding Coronavirus, ESAB have cancelled all face-to-face courses up until September, depending on social distancing further cancellations up to the end of the year may be necessary. However, we will be delivering some courses virtually, please click on the links below for more information >

Courses available are:

These new virtual courses have the same learning outcomes but will be delivered via zoom and at a reduced cost.

ESAB e-Learning

ESAB have launched a free online Safeguarding Adults e-Learning course. The course is split into 4 different modules. The learning outcomes for the course are that by the end of the elearning, you will:

  • Be aware of the background to adult safeguarding 
  • Know signs and indicators of abuse 
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of agencies 
  • Be familiar with the procedures for reporting abuse.

"I completed the eLearning this morning as thought I should do it ahead of my team in case they need guidance.

It was really excellent and a huge improvement on the previous eLearning. Thank you to you and your team for your work on this."

- recent feedback

Each module should take around 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete and the course can be found on the 'ESAB e-Learning' page of our website. 

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Stay Safe At Home Campaign

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Organisations across Essex have come together to help keep residents safe while they spend more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Stay Safe at Home campaign focuses on five risks to people during this challenging time: domestic abuse, child abuse, accidental house fires, fraud and bogus callers.

The campaign has been developed by Essex Resilience Forum, which brings together public sector organisations across Essex including blue light responders, county and unitary authorities, district councils, the voluntary sector, health, highways, to form a coordinated countywide response in times of crisis.

ESAB are supporting the campaign by sharing across social media. 

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#UNLOCKTHEDOORS Modern Slavery Campaign

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A campaign set up by Justice and Care to #UnlockTheDoors of modern slavery has been launched to coincide with the covid lockdown starting to lift over the coming weeks and months to serve as a reminder to people who will all begin to experience freedom again, that tens of thousands of human trafficking victims across the UK will remain behind locked doors. 

You can support the campaign through social media, by following them on Twitter.