Essex Trading Standards Update

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Not a Fan of the Heat? Neither were we...


The warm weather conditions lately have seen a rise in the sale of fans but one fan in particular was recently brought to our attention for all the wrong reasons. It was evident through a visual inspection that instead of keeping you cool in the hot temperatures the plug on the fan could cause a fire or an electric shock. The plug did not comply with the correct British Standard for many reasons, including how close the neutral and live pins were to the plugs edge; it would be easy to touch the pins when removing the plug from the socket. The retailer has been proactive in withdrawing the product and conducting a voluntary recall.  If you have concerns about the safety of an electrical product report it to us via Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06.  

Product Recall of the Month


Essex Trading Standards is at the forefront of publishing consumer related product recalls to inform you about important safety matters.

itsu Grocery is recalling it's itsu veg gyoza because the product may contain prawns which are not mentioned on the label. The product is a significant health risk for anyone with an allergy to crustaceans. The recalled batches are only sold in Tesco Stores.  Check here for further details

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Essex Community Watch Magazine

community w

Essex Trading Standards in partnership with Buy With Confidence  is delighted to support your local Community Watch magazine. Published every six weeks offering residents information and advice on how to stay safe from scammers, fraudsters and rogue tradesmen.

Trading Standards will be providing a series of advice pages in coming issues, highlighting the importance of using a Trading Standards approved business, The August edition is now available to view on-line and it focuses on the devastating impact that mass marketing and other scams can have on all of us. The article explores ways that you can help protect and prevent people from becoming victims.
Share this link with your family, friends and colleagues and help them stay safe! Community Watch