eDBS Newsletter - Summer 2018

DBS Certificate

DBS Certificate - Security Features

The DBS recently updated their guidance on the security features of a DBS certificate. If you are required to check an applicants certificate as part of your recruitment process then you may find the guidance useful.


GDPR audit

GDPR Audit of Users

In line with recent data protection changes we are currently auditing all our users to ensure they still require access to the eDBS system. It has become apparent that we are often not notified when a user leaves an organisation . Please ensure that you notify us of any leavers.Failure to do this could result in unauthorized access to the system by an ex-employee who has retained their login. Similarly it is not permitted to pass on a login that was issued to a previous user to the person that has replaced them in that role. This is a breach of Data Protection Policy as each login in unique to the individual it was issued to.


Delays at the DBS

Due to the volume of checks received there have been delays on the Police National Computer (PNC) checks conducted by the DBS as part of a DBS check. The checks have been taking up to 30 days to complete. The DBS are working to resolve this. We can only contact the DBS for an update on your check if it has been at the PNC stage for 28 days or more.

Work Experience

Student Placement

The DBS do not consider Student Placements to be volunteer roles as the applicant will derive a benefit from the role even if they are not paid. Please ensure you use the Student Placement job role and NOT School Helper Volunteer as this will delay the application and result in cancellation of the application and resubmission against the correct job role