NEW Courses! ESCB Training: Spring/Summer 2018


NEW! CSE Advanced Level Course

This new CPD accredited course is aimed at those people who are working directly with children and young people, and their managers. This is an advanced level training course and therefore delegates will need to already have a good baseline knowledge of CSE and its complexities - this should include an awareness of missing and the complexities of consent along with an understanding of the impact of CSE and how this may manifest.

Course dates are available from June to November. Find out more and book a place on the ESCB website.

NEW! Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Course

This new course is for those working directly or wanting to improve their understanding about working with children with disabilities.

The course will cover:

  • Raising awareness of Special Education Needs/Disabilities (and the support available via Education, Health and Care Plans, Special Education Needs Support and Children with Disabilities services)
  • Additional vulnerabilities of children and young people with disabilities
  • Responding to concerns at an early stage, including effective multi-agency working
  • Preventative work that can be undertaken to safeguard wellbeing

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Other ESCB Learning and Development Opportunities

Child in Need Training

These workshops are an introduction to working with child in need (section 17). The training is aimed at managers and those working with children, young people and families who want to expand or consolidate their understanding of working with families under child in need (section 17) or those who are new to their role and wish to develop their understanding of child in need work.   

Find out more and book a place.

Strengths Based Approach to Child Protection Conferences and Core Group Training

For anyone working with children and families in Essex who would like to better understand the strengths based approach. This course will also help participants to ensure they are an active member of the core group.

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Safeguarding Children Level 2

For those who work directly with children, young people and their families in Essex on a regular basis, this course aims to develop an enhanced understanding of safeguarding children including identifying and responding to concerns.

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Safeguarding Children Level 3: Designated Person Training

This is a one day multi-agency programme for those who are the designated person for child protection within their organisation. It is expected that participants have previously attended level 2 safeguarding training or equivalent.

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Working with Resistant Families and Disguised Compliance

This course is aimed at experienced workers who will get the opportunity for a facilitator led in-depth discussion and analysis of the key aspects of phenomena such as disguised/false compliance, avoidant or resistant behaviour of families/carers.

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The Children’s Society CARE conference 

Children's Society

This conference, hosted by The Children's Society will take place on 2nd May 2018 and will include guest speakers as well as input from children and young people to explore the topic of exploitation. There will be tools and strategies for engagement with young people based on the learning from the CARE (Child At Risk of Exploitation) service delivery and learning from national best practice. Find out more and book a place.