SET Procedures - Special Edition


Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures

Chapter 7 (Allegations) Updates

Chapter 7 (Allegations) of the SET Procedures has been refreshed to align with current practice and also recent case law around suspension of employees. The updated procedures are available here and can also be accessed on the ESCB website

New ESCB Procedure – Concealed Pregnancy

A new Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Procedure has today been launched - Presentation of Concealed, Denied or Late Booking in Pregnancy or Where a Woman or Young Person is known to have Concealed, Denied or Booked Late in Pregnancy Previously.

This procedure is for anyone who may become aware of a woman or young person who may be concealing or denying that she is pregnant or has booked late during her pregnancy AND where this raises safeguarding concerns for her unborn child.

The concealment, denial or late booking in pregnancy can present a significant challenge in safeguarding the welfare and wellbeing of the fetus (unborn child) and the mother. While concealment, denial and late booking, by their very nature, limit the scope of professional help, better outcomes can be achieved by coordinating an effective inter-agency approach.

This procedure will be used as a stand-alone document until the full SET Procedures are revised later this year.

We need your feedback on… Professional conflict resolution process (SET Procedures Chapter 11)

Through reviews locally and feedback from those working with children and families across Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) it has become apparent that the process for professional conflict resolution within the SET Procedures is not always used effectively or even known about.

The SET Procedures Working Group are asking you to take the time to complete the following survey to help us understand why this might be, suggestions for improvement and examples of good practice.

It’s really important we gain as many views as possible as the feedback from this survey will be presented to the SET Procedures Working Group (on behalf of their LSCBs) who will then make decisions on the actions required and will feed into the overall review of the SET Procedures later this year.

Take the survey.

Please complete the survey by Monday 19 February. Communications regarding the actions agreed at the SET Working Group will be circulated in due course.