eDBS Newsletter - Summer 2017

Data Protection

GDPR Data Protection 2018

We have already been receiving queries on the changes to Data Protection that will come into force in 2018 and any impact this will have on the DBS process. We will of course advise all our customers if we are made aware of any changes to the DBS process as a result of these changes. In the meantime it is essential that all users of the eDBS system are aware of their Data Protection responsibilities when using the eDBS system. This includes ensuring that logins are never shared, notifying us if a user leaves your organisation and understanding that all information entered by both the ID checker and the applicant is legally binding.


Disclosure - Contains Information

If an applicant receives a Disclosure that our system indicates "Contains Information" then you should ask to see their original Certificate so that you can view the information and where necessary complete a risk assessment before making your recruitment decision. If you are unsure what the information contained relates to then please contact our customer service centre

Add New User

New User Forms

From 1st September 2017 we will no longer be able to accept the old style user form from our School and External Customers. If you wish to add a new user to your eDBS account you should use the online form at our website DBSChecks.essex.gov.uk Any old style forms submitted after this date will be returned and you will be asked to complete the online form.