ESCB April 2017 - Training Update


Welcome to our April 2017 training update,

If you work or volunteer with children and young people, read on to find out about our upcoming training, including NEW courses - Children with Disabilities & Child Protection and Working with Resistant Families & Disguised Compliance.

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Also, find out about the updated Child Sexual Exploitation Champions Role.

Safeguarding Children Training - Level 2


Course Aim: To develop an enhanced understanding of safeguarding children including identifying and responding to concerns

16th May 2017 – Chelmsford

24th May 2017 – Harlow

15th June 2017 – Colchester

22nd June 2017 - Wickford

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Designated Person / Lead for Safeguarding – Level 3

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the designated/lead person
  • Understand legislative and good practice requirements for safeguarding children
  • Understand what safeguarding arrangements should be in place  
  • Understand what to do if a safeguarding concern is raised and how you can support staff to recognise these
  • Opportunity to reflect on current practice and make changes to better safeguard children and young people

Dates: 11th May, 21st June, 10th October, 23rd November 2017

Location: Chelmsford

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Strengths Based Approach to Child Protection Conferences and Core Group Training

Child in Need

Course Aims:

  • Increase understanding and confidence in participating in child protection conferences using the strengths based approach
  • Understand how this approach can be translated into core groups and to ensure you are an active member of the core group

29th June – Colchester

6th July – Chelmsford

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Child in Need Training

 Learning outcomes:

  • To share best practice in relation to child in need work
  • Be clear about your role and responsibilities within the child in need work and reviewing.
  • Explore the dynamics of working with Child in Need (section 17) and consent

21st June – Harlow

12th July – Colchester

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NEW: Children with Disabilities and Child Protection

Safeguarding Children Level 2

This course is specifically for people who work with children with disabilities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identification of child protection concerns when working with children with disabilities
  • Understand when and how to report concerns
  • Understand the strengths-based approach to child protection conferencing and how this can be used in core groups
  • Understand how abuse can impact on children with disabilities

Date: 28th June 

Location: Colchester

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NEW: Working with Resistant Families and Disguised Compliance

An opportunity for experienced workers across the children’s workforce to have a facilitator led in-depth discussion and analysis of the key aspects of phenomena such as disguised/false compliance, avoidant or resistant behaviour of families/carers.

Date: 5th July 

Location: Chelmsford

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