ESCB Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Bulletin - January 2017


Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the CSE Bulletin

Essex CSE Information

Clare Livens Blog


Clare Livens, Child Sexual Exploitation Project Manager provides her new year update including the CSE Toolbox launch, new training packages and the next ‘I Didn’t Know’ campaign…

Essex CSE Arrangements 1-pager

Updates have been made to the Essex CSE and Missing Arrangements document, so please familiarise yourself with the 1-pager, available to download from our website as a PDF.  Please print and display in staff rooms / departments / offices.

The document sets out the processes across Essex that support in the identification of CSE activity, disruption of any known or suspected activity and support to victims.

These arrangements are agreed as a means of complementing and strengthening safeguarding procedures and are not to be considered in isolation or as a replacement to Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Child Protection Procedures.

Young people’s voice: Why young people say they go missing…


Source: MACE Bi-Annual Report, November 2016

Big White Wall – Wellbeing Support for Young People


Children and Young People’s CSE Update

Choices is awesome. It should be offered out all over the country and not just to people who are at risk or are vulnerable as there is a chance it could happen to anyone”.

Read one young person’s experience of getting involved in a peer-led programme aimed at those vulnerable to CSE or going missing and how they view educating people as the key to tackling these issues…

CARE (Children at Risk of Exploitation) Update

Find out about the new Boys and Young Men CSE worker, the 'Seen and Heard' Video and how a multi-agency approach can provide the best support in the latest update from The Children's Society...

Essex Police Update

Introducing Children & Young People Officers and Youth Offending Team co-ordinators in Essex Police

Essex Police introduced two new policing roles in 2016...

Children & Young Person’s Police (CYP) Officer

There are 13 CYP officers across the force and at least one in each policing district.   The role is very much focused on safeguarding and diverting children and young people away from negative behaviours.  

CYP officers work closely with partner agencies, including Youth Offending Teams and ensure the correct referrals and interventions are offered to young people at risk of offending or becoming victims. 

Their overarching aim is to identify and resolve issues involving young people within the community who are most at risk of becoming repeat offenders or victims, or at risk of harm from Child Sexual Exploitation.

CYP officers are part of the local Community Policing Team and can be contacted via Essex Police 101.  

Youth Offending Team (YOT) Co-ordinators

The YOT coordinators are support staff who are co-located within the Youth Offending Teams and provide a key role in linking the two agencies. 

They provide research and information sharing for the YOT teams and will ensure children and young people receive the most appropriate outcomes when they do become involved in offending behaviour.   

For Youth Offending general enquiries, contact the Force Youth & ASB sergeant, Jan Bloomfield: or 101 extension 110005.

Missing Education and Child Employment Service (MECES)

Essex County Council are committed to ensuring that all children have a right to a suitable education and to have that right protected.

Any child who is missing from education is not only reducing their chances of educational attainment and future life chances but can also be vulnerable and at risk to being victims of harm, exploitation or radicalisation  

Schools are responsible for managing school absence and referring to other agencies as and when necessary. When children are on a school roll, it is the parents who are responsible for ensuring regular attendance. 

Where parents elect to home educate, they must provide a suitable education. 

The Missing Education & Child Employment Service (MECES) would urge professionals and members of the community to urgently report any concerns for children who do not appear to be on a school roll or receiving an education, to enable the Service to investigate the circumstances and take appropriate action.  

Please click referral form to complete the details.

Contact the children missing education team:   

Update on the Child Missing Out Of Education (CMOOE) panel

There are rare occasions where reduced educational provision is deemed appropriate by both the parents and school for a short period. 

It is important that such arrangements do not continue for too long though, as this could leave children vulnerable whilst out of education. 

Updated guidance for schools on this subject can be accessed here.

Professionals had reported concerns that some children seem to access limited education for long periods, so a forum is available for professionals to refer such cases to enable scrutiny and challenge. 

If you are concerned that a child is currently missing out on education, has previously been referred to the Alternative Education Commissioning Service or Missing Education & Child Employment Service and there appears to be no indication of a realistic plan for increasing education provision please complete this form and return to:

CSE Awareness Day 18th March

cse day

New SET CSE Toolbox coming soon...

This will replace the SET CSE Risk Assessment Toolkit and has been created in consultation with the National CSE Response Unit.

It will feature guidance, resources and a new ‘SET CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment’ that can be used by staff working with children, young people and families when they have concerns about child sexual exploitation. Look out for further updates.

Safer Internet Day 7th February


CSE and Missing training packages

The Essex Safeguarding Children Board has developed packages for CSE champions or safeguarding leads to deliver training within their workplace. Find out more.

CSE Response Unit


Phil Ashford, Operational Lead tells us about the CSE Response Unit and the broader work of the NWG in tackling CSE. Read it here.

Modern Slavery and Trafficking

Essex Police introduced its Anti-Slavery Partnership Coordinator, Cristina Gavrilovic to the force in May 2016.

Read on to learn about how she is forming partnerships to tackle issues, including increasing awareness of how these overlap with other crimes or incidents such as missing children.

#Be A Voice for Victims

Could you recognise the signs of modern slavery and trafficking


Rape Crisis Partnerships

South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (SERICC) 

Southend-on-Sea Rape Crisis (SOS Rape Crisis)

CARA (Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse)

The partnership is commissioned to deliver sexual violence services in Essex from April 2016 – March 2019:

  • An Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) service.
  • One-to-one counselling for adults.
  • One-to-one counselling and therapeutic support for young people (13-18)
  • Therapeutic support for children under 13, and their families
  • Advocacy services
  • Additional support services including a social group for women and a group for young people.

How to access services: 

  • Online referral form for professionals, available on all three centres’ websites. 
  • A central web portal coming very soon.
  • Clients can refer themselves through our online self-referral form, or by contacting their local centre by phone.
  • A team of First Contact Navigators will be in place to support new referrals from across Essex in accessing the services they need.

Central number: 03000 03 77 77



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