Revised SET Child Protection Procedures


Revised SET Child Protection Procedures - November 2016


  Certain chapters in the SET (Southend, Essex and Thurrock) Child Protection Procedures have been updated this year to reflect current practice and changes in legislation. This has led to the revision of or addition to the following chapters:

  • Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), Part B1, chapter 13.5 - to reflect the new MARAC processes across SET and the introduction of the multi-agency risk assessment team (MARAT)
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Part B3, chapter 40.3 - to reflect mandatory reporting for health, social care and education.
  • Children missing from care, home and school, Part B3, chapter 20 - to reflect the changes to Essex Police processes in relation to no longer using the term ‘absent’ for children who go missing from home or care.  
  • Radicalisation and the prevent agenda, there is now a link to the new Southend, Essex and Thurrock Adults and Children’s Prevent policy and guidance 2016.

In addition….

The procedures have been updated to reflect the operational changes in Essex Police.

Section 3.3 has had a paragraph removed to reflect changes in law, as advised by Essex Legal Services.

Part A, chapter 3.3 has had a section added in relation to joint visits for section 47 enquiries.

Part B3, chapter 21, Children missing in education has been updated to reflect updated national guidance.

Any references to vulnerable adult have been removed and replaced with adults with care and support needs in line with the Care Act 2014.

There have been minor amendments to Part A Chapter 9 in relation to the Child Death review process.

When do the updated procedures come into effect?

The new procedures come into effect from Monday 12th December. Please disregard any previous versions you may have.

We encourage all professionals or volunteers working with children and young people to familiarise themselves with the updated content: it’s important to be comfortable with following the processes and understand what actions you need to take in various situations.

If you would like to discuss the procedures in more detail we suggest talking to your line manager in the first instance.

How to use the procedures

From Monday 12th December, download a copy from the ESCB website onto your desktop – this means you can access it whenever you need and are not reliant on the intranet. These procedures are essentially a reference document and we expect that you will refer to specific sections, rather than read it cover-to-cover. 

In the mean time, download this briefing on the revised changes, which can also be found on our policies and guidance page.