'We're ready for school' campaign opens

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Coronavirus alerts.

18 August 2020


This update is for members of East Sussex County Council and our partners

We're ready for school again

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Our campaign began yesterday to encourage East Sussex parents to send their children back to school when classes resume in September. 

The campaign includes adverts on local radio, on the side of buses, at bus stops, on social media and on banners outside schools.   

Under the catchline 'We are ready', the campaign aims to reassure parents and carers of all that has been done to make schools safe and ready to resume pupils' education. 

The campaign stresses that children are at very low risk of becoming ill with Covid-19, that schools will work with parents to meet their concerns and it encourages families to walk or cycle to school where possible. 

See the full details on our site

The situation in East Sussex - today's snapshot

East Sussex continues to see a comparatively low number of cases of Covid-19. The latest figures show a cumulative rate of 298.8 cases per 100,000 of population

Table: Total number of lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in East Sussex


     No. of cases                      

  Rate per 100,000 population






















East Sussex

        1,665 (up 18 since 13 Aug)







Source: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk 17 August 2020

ESCC help and advice webpage

A reminder that there is a web page on the East Sussex Council Council website that brings together a range of information and advice regarding the coronavirus. 

Visit: Coronavirus - help and support

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