New year, new things to do

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14 January 2019

Making healthier choices in 2019

Fruit in a bowl

Despite six out of ten people (57%) in England making a healthy New Year’s resolution, research shows two in five of those will have given them up within the first month. 

So whether you would like to quit smoking, cut down on alcohol or sugar, we've got you covered. Check out the apps that you can use to keep your resolutions of a healthy new year: Making healthier choices in 2019

Get outdoors and active

A person in a Kayak

If you’re running out of steam as you try to keep alive your new year’s resolution to be more active and do more exercise, don’t worry – we have plenty ideas to help you out.

If you’re looking for a new walking route, a fresh cycle way to explore, or a new water sport to try, take a look at our suggestions from the website: Get active and outdoors in the new year!

Take a trip back in time this January

A still from a black and white film about trains

New year, new job

Social worker and an older woman

The new year is the perfect time to think about what you’re looking for from a job!

If you’ve found yourself dreading Mondays or thinking about changing careers, take a look at our list of rewarding roles: Find a new job

From the newsroom...

Cold Feet actor

Cold Feet actor, Robert Bathurst, tells us about his career, 007 rumours and what he enjoys most about living in East Sussex.   

A new website for weddings and ceremonies has been launched for couples planning their big day in East Sussex which has all the information people need in one place.

Urgent need for fair funding, council leaders tell Minister. Our political party leaders have combined to stress the urgency of government action to meet the needs of the people, families and businesses of East Sussex.