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Remember, remember the 5th of November


Lewes Bonfire is always the talk of the town (well, county) but we recommend ‘staying local’ and going along to an organised event near home. As well as avoiding overcrowding and travel issues, this helps celebrate the local community where you live, and raises money for causes near you.

Check out what other displays are on across the county.

On the road to fostering with Jacqueline Wilson


Jacqueline Wilson joined us for the launch of East Sussex Fostering Services’ information van.

“I’m always very interested in anything to do with foster care,”  said Jacqueline, “because many years ago I wrote a book called The Story of Tracey Beaker. Because of that book I got to know a lot of people to do with foster care and met loads of foster children.”

Find out more and watch the full interview.

Keep warm and well this winter


It suddenly feels like we’ve gone from an extended summer straight into a chilly November without any warning. With temperatures falling and us all trying to find where we stored our hats and scarves, we thought it would be a good time to help you with preparations for the colder weather - especially for those most vulnerable.

Take a look at our tips for keeping warm and well.

From the newsroom


Open day at historic Hastings Registration Service. Come along to this free event at Hastings Register Office on Sunday 4 November and find out more about the ceremonies on offer.

National recognition for 'inspirational' social workerOne of our incredible social workers, who goes ‘above and beyond’ to help people with mental health issues, is in the running for a prestigious national award.

Build better business skills - become a school governor. Volunteering to be a school governor is a great way to gain professional experience and free training, and an impressive addition to your CV. Find out how to apply.