Local Plan - What's happening when?

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Local Plan - What's happening when?

East Hampshire District Council’s review of the Local Plan is under way.


The timeline below shows how the plan will develop over the coming months


The Timeline

December 2018/January 2019 – a draft plan will be presented for council approval

January 2019 – Once approved a six-week public consultation will be held - this will include drop-in sessions across the three areas of the district we are the planning authority for


March 2019 – The information we receive from the consultation will be read, processed and summarised and changes will be made to the plan accordingly


Summer 2019 – Another six-week consultation will be held on the revised plan.


Winter 2019 – Following the second consultation the plan will be submitted to examination by the Government


The formal timetable for the production of the local plan is set out in something called the Local Development Scheme, which you can see here 

Why are we doing this?

Local Plans have always had a set lifespan before they are reviewed but the Government has introduced a new national requirement to review plans every five years.

The Local Plan is the key local planning policy document. It sets planning rules for development which cover housing, business, infrastructure, health, community facilities and the environment.


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