Get on board with the Local Plan review

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Get on board with the Local Plan review

The Local Plan is changing and this is your chance to get involved and have your say on how your town will shape up in the future.


This is the first of our regular newsletters updating you on the progress of the Local Plan review. Please share this with others who may be interested in the future of the district.

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So what’s a Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the key local planning policy document. It sets planning rules for development which cover housing, business, infrastructure, health, community facilities and the environment.

The Local Plan shows what development will be permitted and where. It is used to ensure the district grows in a joined-up, well thought-out way that includes the right mix of things communities need to be sustainable and successful.


Why change it?

Local Plans have always had a set lifespan before they are reviewed but there is a new national requirement to review plans every five years.


Is my home town affected?

East Hampshire is reviewing its Local Plan, the document which sets out priorities and policies for development in parts of the district.

We say ‘parts of the district’ because East Hampshire District Council is only responsible for planning in areas outside the South Downs National Park.

The map below shows the areas the new plan will cover. If you live in the shaded parts then you might want to get involved in the Local Plan review.

The South Downs National Park will be forming its own plan to cover the area it manages.


Local Plan Map


How can I get involved?

A draft plan will be drawn up during the autumn and that should be ready for consultation early in 2019.

Details of the consultations will be available on these newsletters, online and social media.


Where can I find out more?

There’s more information on the Local Plan on our webpage or email