HEART update – new community teams start today!

HEART children's wellbeing model

HEART update – new community teams start today!

Hello, and welcome to the latest in a series of updates about HEART, East Ayrshire’s new wellbeing model for children’s services.

HEART is an idea to change the way that we support families so that we can Help Everyone At the Right Time. The model has been in development since 2019, and we are delighted to launch today the first new component of the model: community multi-disciplinary teams.

Kids sitting on a bench wearing different coloured wellies

Support in your community

We are bringing together a range of services that support families into new teams that wrap around community areas. We believe that bringing services into the places where people live will help them work more effectively with each other and to be more available to the communities they serve.

Ultimately, we would like all families to be able to get the help they need at the earliest possible stage without having to wait and without being passed repeatedly from one service to another.

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Your new local teams

The new teams start their work today and over the next few weeks staff will be getting to know and meet with their teams to start looking at how best they will worker together within their localities. The effects will take time, but we hope that many of you will start to see a difference soon.

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey that has led to today, particularly all of the people who responded to surveys or generously shared their stories and the Changemakers who brought all their imagination and enthusiasm to the creation of the model.

Child drawing with coloured pencils

Thank you as well to everyone who has submitted an entry for the logo competition – we have received some fabulous designs and will announce the winner in the coming weeks.

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