Introducing HEART, a new wellbeing model for children's services

HEART logo - Help Everyone At the Right Time

Introducing HEART, a new wellbeing model for children's services

Hello, and welcome to the first in a series of updates about an exciting new development for East Ayrshire’s children and families.

An introduction to HEART

HEART is a new idea to change the way that children and families are supported in East Ayrshire, so that people are able to get help at an early stage and in the communities in which they live. Over the past 18 months, we have listened carefully to many families and practitioners and developed ideas based on what they have told us.

Word cloud representing 847 responses from children, young people, families and practitioners to the question “What is important to you"

You might have heard of this before under its old name: the Children’s Services Wellbeing Model.

We thought we could do better than this and asked children, young people and parents for suggestions for a new name before putting it to a public vote. More than a thousand of you voted and the clear winner was

HEART, which stands for

Help Everyone At the Right Time

We think this is a perfect summary of what we are trying to achieve and we look forward to telling you more in the coming weeks about the changes we are trying to make.

Children working together

Help us design a new logo

Calling all children and young people!

We need help designing a logo for our new model way of working. We would love children and young people to come up with ideas for graphics and images that would fit with the name.

What will I win? 

  • The winner will see their design used in all  our future communications about HEART
  • a prize which will be decided according to the age of the winner.

Email your entries to us by
28 February 2022

Good luck!

Look out for our future updates when we will share more about what HEART will mean for East Ayrshire’s families.


If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

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