Prioritising standards checks and engagement call

Prioritising standards checks and engagement call

In the message issued earlier today we explained what we are doing next to help reduce car driving test waiting times.

It also explains the important role you play in reducing driving test waiting times and how we’ll be supporting instructors who need it the most. We now want to give you more information about how this will work.

Prioritising standards checks

As we re-start standards checks, we have focused our resources on potential instructors with driving and instructional ability qualification tests booked, and those instructors who last had a substandard assessment or have failed to attend their check. We will now start to invite ADIs we have prioritised to book their standards check.

To help us support you, as well as conducting standards checks, we will be using information from your driving test analysis report. This data, which is also available to you, is a summary of driving faults, serious faults and examiner intervention faults committed by your pupils on their driving test. We can only help you if you display your ADI badge (certificate) in the window during tests.

Based on these faults, will look at the average outcomes over the last year to identify instructors who appear to be presenting candidates that are demonstrating a lower standard.  

Using this information will also help us identify the many high performing ADIs who are well above the national average. This means that they are less likely to need our support so we can use our staff and resources to help those who do.

Engagement call

We will also be offering a voluntary engagement call 8 weeks ahead of your standards check. On the call the examiner will talk you through your ‘ADI driver test analysis report,' which you will receive before your call.

Developed with the support of the ADI National Associations Strategic Partnership and some ORDIT trainers, the engagement call will take around 20 to 30 minutes and is an opportunity for some continued professional development. 

Our ADI examiner will use the discussion and help you to identify further support and guidance available to you that can improve the performance of you and your pupils.

We will provide you with an email summary of the call including helpful links to documents and guidance.

Supporting you

We want to support you to ensure you are providing the best level of training. High-quality instruction leads to high-quality learner drivers who’ll be better prepared to pass their test first-time.

Reducing the number of candidates who need to retake their driving test will help to tackle the waiting list.

You can still request a standards check if you feel you require one by emailing and detailing the reasons why.