Restarting bus and lorry lessons and tests in England

Restarting bus and lorry lessons and tests in England

Following the publication of the roadmap out of national lockdown on 22 February, we have worked with government and stakeholders to agree the indicative restart dates of all our driver, rider and vocational testing services.

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Restarting bus lessons and tests

We intend for bus lessons and tests to restart on 29 March, subject to restrictions being eased as part of step 1 of the roadmap.

Restarting lorry lessons and tests

Lorry driving lessons and tests will restart on Monday 12 April 2021 if government guidance allows.

We have shared our guidance for vocational examiners with the driver training associations and they have updated their good practice guidance for instructors. Links to good practice guidance are included in the instructor guidance on GOV.UK.

Tractor tests and Mod 4 CPC

We intend to restart home tests, including tractor tests, and Mod 4 CPC tests, from 29 March, subject to restrictions being lifted as part of step 1 of the government’s roadmap.

Driver CPC training

We intend that in-vehicle and third-party classroom-based Driver CPC training can restart from 12 April 2021.

Test bookings

We'll email candidates with tests booked before the proposed restart dates to let them know their test won’t go ahead and it will be automatically rebooked. If you have booked a test for any of your pupils during this period of restrictions, it will be cancelled, and you will be automatically refunded.

Theory tests

We intend for theory tests to restart in England on 12 April 2021. We’ll email all candidates with theory tests booked before 12 April to ask them to reschedule their test.

Mobile emergency worker tests

Booked practical and theory mobile emergency worker tests will take place as scheduled.

Scotland and Wales

We’re working with Scottish Government and Welsh Government, who are setting out similar plans to the UK government. We’ll keep you updated as these develop.

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