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We have published guidance for all schools about changes to relationship, sex and health education

Last week, we published new guidance for all schools about changes to the teaching of relationship, sex and health education. These changes won’t take place until September 2020, and we are providing guidance and support to all schools prior to this.

The new guidance follows extensive feedback from a range of people, including teachers and school leaders, who felt that relationship, sex and health education is vital to prepare young people for adulthood.

Primary school pupils will be taught about relationships and health, while secondary school pupils will be taught about relationships, sex and health.

There is lots of information available on This provides answers to any questions that you or parents may have.

Ofsted’s new education inspection framework

Ofsted are changing their inspection framework from September 2019 and are currently consulting on what this will look like

The proposed changes include:

  • Inspectors no longer using schools’ internal performance data as evidence, helping to push back on the creation of unnecessary work for teachers and support staff
  • Amending the ‘leadership and management’ judgement to look at how leaders develop teachers and staff, and take their workload and wellbeing into account
  • An increased focus on what children learn through the curriculum, to ensure children are given the opportunity for broad, rich learning
  • Adding a new, separate behaviour judgement to give parents reassurance that behaviour is good

Ofsted are seeking the views of school leaders, teachers and support staff, as well as parents.

The consultation closes on 5 April 2019 so time is running out to submit your response.

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School Switch

Could your school save money on utility bills?

We have launched a new service called ‘School Switch’ to help schools and academies achieve greater value for money when buying their gas and electricity.

Check with your School Business Leaders and find out if you can save money on School Switch.

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