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October 2021

Information to help your LGPS employees

In previous editions of Pensions Line we have asked employers to provide retiring employees links to our retirement process guide. We have recently learnt that not all employers are in contact with employees when they leave voluntarily. If you are one of these employers we would ask that you add a link to an appropriate place on your intranet. Suggested wording:

“If you are a member of the LGPS, aged 55 or over you could receive your pension upon leaving. Please visit Peninsula Pensions retirement pages for more information and timescales. If you are under age 55 please visit their leaving before retirement pages.”     


Invoices Issued by Devon Pension Fund

Recently we have had a number of Devon Pension Fund invoices issued by Bethany Wilkinson, where payment has been made to Devon County Council as opposed to Devon County Council Pension Fund. This has included invoices relating to IAS19/FRS102 Report work, causing delays in the receipting and allocating of payments received.

The Devon Pension Fund is separate to Devon County Council. Therefore please can you ensure that when you pay a Devon Pension Fund invoice, it is paid to the fund not Devon County Council. This will avoid delays in receipting payment of invoices. Details of how to make payment to the Devon Pension Fund can be found on the Peninsula Pensions website.

M.H.C.L.G. becomes D.L.U.H.C.

On 19 September 2021, the Government announced that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (M H C L G) will become the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (D L U H C).

For more information, see the press release.

Kemi Badenoch MP (Saffron Walden) has taken over from Luke Hall as the minister responsible for the L G P S in England and Wales.

EAS5 Forms – Devon Pension Fund

Please could we remind Devon Pension Fund employers/payroll providers to only submit the monthly contribution form (EAS5) once per each employer number. The EAS5 submission will not be required for those Employers/payroll providers with whom we have an approved spreadsheet submission.   If you have submitted incorrect information please email:

Keep us updated

Please remember to keep us updated with any changes in staff responsible for completing our forms (authorised signatories). This can be done by completing our online form.

You can also use this form to notify us of your IDRP Stage 1 Appeals Officer, your Payroll Provider, your contact for Interfaces and to sign up to our employer newsletter Pensions Line

It is important that you contact the Employer & Communications Team if you are changing your payroll provider. We can then work with you to ensure you put processes in place to retain access to historical payroll information and continue to fulfil your responsibilities as a Scheme employer.

Payment of Pension Fund Contributions

Please remember to inform us and the relevant Finance team each time you have paid your pension scheme contributions, by filling in the Monthly Contributions Form. The form should be submitted the same day as the payment. This avoids unnecessary allocation delays and satisfies Government Actuary Department requirements.

Please ensure that you build this form into your procedures.

If you are a Somerset Pension Fund employer, please contact the Corporate Finance Team for a copy of the Monthly Contribution Return:

If you are a Devon Pension Fund Employer, you will need to use the online EAS5 form

TUPEs & New Academies

If you are outsourcing services and have a number of staff who will be subject to TUPE and moving to a new employer or your school is converting to an Academy or moving MAT, you will need to consider obligations regarding the affected employees’ pension rights. Please do not submit any leaver forms as this will complicate the process – for more information on what you need to do, please visit the TUPE and Admitted Bodies page on our website.


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