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December 2020

Merry Christmas 2019

Christmas Closing Times

We would like to wish all of our employers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just to remind you our office will be closed from 12pm on 24th December 2020 and will reopen at 9am on 4th January 2021.

McCloud underpin calculation

The Government has confirmed that there will be legislative changes to all public sector schemes, including the LGPS, to remove age discrimination. The LGPS rules need to be changed to automatically provide eligible younger members with protection equal to the protection provided to older members.

Practical application of protection

In the L G P S, the protection compares the benefits payable under the current career average scheme with the benefits that would have been paid if the Scheme had not changed from a final salary scheme in 2014. This protection is called the underpin.

Data collection

Data about hours worked and service breaks is needed to perform the underpin calculation. This data is needed for all members of the L G P S from the date the scheme changed in April 2014.

Action for employers

Despite the changes to the pension scheme in 2014 we have continued to maintain member records to reflect any changes in hours worked and breaks in pensionable service that you have notified us of.

If you have not been submitting this information to Peninsula Pensions as these changes occurred, please email Jane Aplin ( so that we can make arrangements with you to collect this data and update your member records as a matter of urgency.

A link to the LGA Employer Q&A regarding McCloud data collection can be found here.


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