DAPH Update: Special Edition | Worth Less? Campaign - Mass Action - Invoicing the Treasury

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  Special Edition  |  30 January 2018  |  Worth Less? Campaign

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Worth Less? Campaign

Mass Action  |  Invoicing the Treasury

Dear colleagues

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A letter from DAPH and DASH has been sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP on behalf of Devon primary and secondary schools enclosing an exemplar invoice for over £150m to recover the shortfall in the money that our schools should be receiving.

We have matched our own average funding and set it against the London borough of Westminster.

Worth Less

Press Release – Mass Action – Invoicing the Treasury

Following a high profile campaign, the Worth Less? group of schools and academies (who are fighting for fair and adequate school funding) has grown to cover 32 counties from Cornwall to Cumbria.  We now represent approximately 5,500 schools and 3.5 million families. 

Despite the introduction of a much needed new National Funding Formula - which is set for April 2018 - our analysis of DfE statistics has shown that vast funding differentials will persist between the lowest funded authorities and those which are adequately funded. 

After a range of constructive – yet ultimately fruitless - efforts with the Treasury and Department for Education we have now been left with no alternative but to invoice the Chancellor for monies owed to the pupils and families that we serve. 

Accordingly and using DfE statistics only, we have compared the funding that our students would receive if they were funded at the average levels (Primary and Secondary) of the London Borough of Westminster.  The total difference in funding between Worth Less? schools and Westminster is in excess of £3.5 billion.  In simple terms, if the same number of pupils who go to Worth Less? schools / academies were funded at the average level of Westminster pupils we would receive an additional £3.5bn of funding. If we had chosen to compare ourselves to Hackney, the overall difference is £5.5 billion.

Each county will invoice the Treasury for monies that their (total number of) students are owed. Instead of talking in half-truths about school funding, the Chancellor should pay the bills and The Department of Education should vigorously support our stance and children and families that we serve.

As costs continue to rise and teacher shortages reach crisis point the implications for Worth Less? schools and academies are profound:

  • A corrosive effect on school standards and performance
  • Students will receive far less curricular and extra-curricular opportunities
  • Social mobility is significantly and negatively impacted
  • Small and/or rural primary schools will be forced into insolvency / closure

Supporting papers:

A copy of the  L E T T E R  to Mr Hammond – each county will send the letter and individualised invoice on behalf of schools and academies in their area

A summary of the F U N D I N G   D I F F E R E N T I A L S


S O C I A L  M O B I L I T Y  vs  S C H O O L  F U N D I N G

E X E M P L A R  I N V O I C E

Thank you for your continued support with this campaign.