DAPH Update: Special Edition | #RightToGoodLearning (Devon) Campaign | School Funding


  Special Edition  |    #RightToGoodLearning (Devon) Campaign  |  17 May 2017

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Dear all, 

Thank you for all your ideas re continuing to raise the issue of school funding.  Credit to Mike Johnson at Chulmleigh Academy Trust  for being the inspiration behind the following:

#RightToGoodLearning (Devon) Campaign

What do you need to do: a 20 second video to phone or ipad, home-made, stating your name and school/trust, why you think the current funding is unfair for schools, why the schools and children should be a priority, the ethical issue/ 'justice', accurate facts about the situation.

By when: Tuesday 23rd May

We will use social media to spread the word about funding concerns: The objective is to counter some of the messages which have not contained ‘the whole truth’ and use social media platforms in an innovative way to capture the attention of parents about the enormity of the decisions headteachers are ‘facing up to’ around funding so that they can decide if they agree with us that nothing is more important than the education of children.

To have a big impact, it will need group participation. As with the funding letters, the more, the better please.

Headteachers should send a short snappy video piece (20 seconds maximum). We will upload it to YouTube. Using a phone or an iPad will be great. We’re normal! It will make it look natural. If it is longer than 20 seconds, it will be edited. We will reserve the right to edit it so that it is coherent and ‘on message’.

Please send the MP4 file to nsmith@chulmleigh.devon.sch.uk

To do this, please use wetransfer.com (https://wetransfer.com/) which is easy to do. Also send another email to Nick Smiths address the usual way to say you have sent it please, making it clear who you are.

When we have 6, we will start it and open it and let you know and give  updates until everyone gets into the habit of looking!

We will also post a good quote from your ‘quote’ on Facebook and also a link to your YouTube clip.

It would be great for schools/ individual headteachers to then share these videos on Twitter / Facebook / any social media platform with the hashtag #LetThemLearn.  If we can get enough people talking about this, posting with hashtag then it could trend. Especially if we get national media coverage.

Essentially, it’s the same sort of message as the letter that went out, but more ‘personal’ and ‘modern’. This has the capacity to trend and become a big developing story, but that will depend on colleague headteachers.

We have set up the following pages and they are ready to go:




On your video clip please keep it positive (but possibly with a worrying statement at the end). Here are two examples:

Nothing is more important than the education of children and I think this should be society’s top priority. I recognise that money is tight, but what will happen in 10 years if we do not pay attention to this now?

I want all children in society to have had a fair opportunity to develop skills and talents as a result of having had well paid teachers who are able to release talents. I want to play a part in ensuring that our country and our values continue to influence the world and that in the future we will all be prosperous.

For the first time in my career, I’m unsure this will happen because our school has been presented with a decimated budget.


We repeatedly hear claims that school funding is at a record high. This is not true when you look at the amount of money funded per pupil.

Funding has remained static whilst costs have risen. Rates of inflation and other pressures on funding means that schools have to save £3 billion. We will do this by cutting teachers, cutting teaching assistants, cutting support for learning, cutting resources and cutting opportunities for children. Headteachers across Devon are dismantling the provision in good and outstanding schools to balance our budgets.

Teachers work in education to support and develop young people. Whilst every teacher I have spoken to is determined to continue to put children first, there is no doubt that children in the future will receive an education which is worse than their older brothers or sisters. Your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew will suffer as a result.

This country claims to want a world class education system for all children. To make Britain great again we need talented, educated children. This country will not have a world class education system if future governments do not fund education properly.

Best wishes,

Matthew Shanks  |  DASH Co-Ordinator and on behalf of DASH
Devon Association of Secondary Headteachers