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  April 2017

Auto Enrolment – Did you use the Transitional Delay Period at your Staging Date?

Workplace Pension

If you decided to use the Transitional Delay Period at your Auto-Enrolment Staging Date, that delay period has nearly ended and you will need to process, from 1st October 2017, eligible jobholders who were employed at the time of your staging date.(read more)

Scheme Member Survey

The Scheme Advisory Board (SAB), as part of the cost management process, is trying to find out why there is low take up of the 50/50 section and tasked the LGPC Secretariat to produce an online survey.

The survey is now live at

Please make your scheme members aware of the survey and encourage them to complete it, where applicable.  We anticipate it will take around 30 seconds to complete as there are a maximum of three questions to be answered.  Once the survey has been completed a completed status will be stored into a cookie in each user's browser so the user will not be asked to complete the survey again.

Somerset Fund Schools and Academies

Notification of hours and final salary pensionable pay for term-time employees

LGPS regulations intend that membership and final pay calculations for term-time employees should be pro-rated to keep uniformity with part-timers. A term-time employee has their service adjusted and the whole-time equivalent pay is then used in the calculation of the pensionable pay.  

However, historically, service for term-time employees within the Somerset fund has not been adjusted and their hours have been recorded as the hours they work but then the full-time equivalent pensionable pay is reduced to take account of the number of weeks worked per year.  

It has been decided to continue this practice so please provide:

- The hours they work per week as a percentage; and  
- The full-time equivalent pensionable pay reduced to take account of the number of weeks worked per year. 

For help with calculations, please see the Pensionable Pay Guide on our website. 

Employer Self Service (ESS) Update

 For those of you who attended the employer meetings in January, we mentioned that we are developing the starters form for use within the ESS portal which would mean that you can submit automatically without the need to download and email. (read more) 

Annual Benefits Statements

If you distribute the Annual Benefit Statements directly to your pensionable employees who have not signed up to Member Self Service (MSS), please distribute them as soon as you receive them.

The Pension Regulator requires that members must receive  their statements before 31st August 2017 and we will arrange for the statements to be with you in good time. 

Devon Investment Strategy Update

The Local Government Pension Scheme (Management and Investment of Funds) Regulations 2016 require each LGPS administering authority to put in place an Investment Strategy Statement (ISS) by 1st April 2017. The ISS includes the Fund’s investment strategy, approach to risk, and the policy on social, environmental and governance considerations.

The Investment and Pension Fund Committee approved the Devon Fund’s ISS on 24th February, and a copy can be found here.

Devon Investment Update

The latest investment update can be found here.

Brunel Pension Partnership

Work continues on the project to pool the investments of the Devon and Somerset funds with other administering authorities across the South West through the Brunel Pension Partnership. The latest information and newsletters and a link to the Brunel Pension Partnership website can be found here.

Somerset County Council Pensions Committee and Pensions Board

Following the County Council elections in May employer representatives on the Somerset CC Pensions Committee and Pension Board will be up for renewal.  All employers will be contacted regarding this directly at a later date but if you are interested in being nominated for a position on either the Committee or Board then you can contact Anton Sweet ( for more information.

Would you like Prudential to explain AVCs and Topping Up Benefits to your Employees?

As you are aware Prudential is our appointed in-house AVC provider and part of their service is to offer presentations to employees in your workplace about AVCs and topping up benefits together with general information about how the scheme works. Find out more or contact Annette ( at Peninsula Pensions if you would like to know what it involves.

Local Government Pension Scheme (England) – Arrangements for Academies

In conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Education, the Local Government Association has today published 'Local Government Pension Scheme – arrangements for academies'. This is intended for schools considering conversion to academy status, academy trusts, multi-academy trusts and administering authorities. (read more)

Annual Returns 2016 / 2017

 You should now have received details of the Annual Return that you need to submit for 2016/17. If you or your payroll provider hasn’t received the email incorporating the request and template, please contact Jane Aplin (

Monthly Notification Forms

Monthly Notification Forms (EAS5 online and paper version)
Just a reminder that when you complete the EAS5 for your monthly returns, under the additional employee contributions section you need to state the following: (read more)

Monthly Pension Contribution Payments to the Devon Fund

Due to the recent change in Government Actuaries Department (GAD) reporting requirements, we have needed to amend our coding structure. Your current item and employer’s number will remain the same, but if you pay a deficit to us please quote: (read more)

Employee Contribution Bandings

We have now received confirmation of the new bandings for employee contributions for 2017 / 2018. The revised timetable is here

New Employer Contribution Rates

Hopefully you should have all received confirmation of your new employer rates to apply from April 2017. If you are still waiting for confirmation, please contact Martyn Williams (Devon Fund) and Anton Sweet (Somerset Fund).

Data Protection Update

 If you attended our PLOG meetings in January, you may remember we mentioned about working together and the information we needed along with issues regarding record keeping. Most of you told us that changes to data protection conflicted with our requirements. (read more)

Polite Request

We have been receiving emails from employers with multiple forms attached to one email. This can cause delay. In order for us to deal with requests as quickly as we would like to, please send your forms individually – one form per email. If we do receive one email with multiple forms attached, we will need to return the email to you. Thanks in advance for your co-operation.


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