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Message from F A I T H  J A R R E T T, Senior Adviser, Babcock LDP

Hi All

I would say Happy New Year but that feels a long time ago!!

Some time ago DASH and Babcock agreed to jointly fund and run a course for Heads and Senior leaders on Leading Learning.

DASH has agreed to fund 50% of the cost of each delegate’s place from its underspend. This means that for Devon Heads or SLT the cost is £275 for a three-day course. I know in these times that is a lot of money but cheap compared to most things for three days.

We have been really lucky that Uffculme and St James have agreed to host the days and agreed to let the course use observing their classes and student’s work in their schools. A great opportunity to see what is going on in two schools with brilliant outcomes.

The course is led by Tom Winskill (ex-senior HMi until July 2016) and myself. Definitely not us telling people how to do it but rather leading - hate the word but facilitating - the workshops. 


Day 1 : 3rd February 2017

Day 2 :  3rd March 2017

Day 3 : To be confirmed

View the F L Y E R  and the Day One A G E N D A for more information.

The idea is that: Day 1 it is a day together looking at observing teaching and learning then people go into each other’s schools to follow up. Day 2 we look at what people have seen, feedback and then look at students’’ work and assessment. Again, then people go into each other’s schools to look at work scrutiny. Day 3 Feeds back and then looks at systems and structures to bring about improvement in teaching and learning in their own schools.

The first day is February 3rd, the second day is March 3rd and we will set the third day.

T O  B O O K  |  If you wish to sign up yourself or sign up someone who does, or will, lead on teaching and learning in your school please can you do so with Sally Watts at Babcock (sally.watts@babcockinternational.com)  asap as we need to finalise numbers.

Many thanks, Faith

(Faith Jarrett – ex- HT at The King’s until August 2016 - so say retired!)

PS if this is the end of the financial year and you want to send someone but need to pay from next year’s budget please let me know and we will see what we can do.