Heart of the South West Devolution - Newsletter 13

Heart of the South West

      1 November 2016

Key messages

At its meeting on 14 October 2016, the Heart of the South West partnership agreed to continue working together and to continue to push for a devolution deal. However, we are now certain that we will not be successful in achieving an Autumn Statement deal from the Government and our focus has turned to a primary goal of developing and agreeing a Productivity Plan for our area. The Productivity Plan development includes:

  • Local workshops and further engagement to build and test the evidence base and enable wide involvement and ownership.
  • Taking forward the establishment of a Joint Committee to drive the Productivity Plan and seize other opportunities.

A group has also been set up to look at the opportunities and risks presented by Brexit as a way to help prepare our area for the future and influence Government.


    Devolution timeline
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    Devolution and Combined Authority

    An update on latest Government thinking, Productivity Plan and Joint Committee

    Brexit Resilience and Opportunities Group (BROG)

    A new Brexit Resilience and Opportunities Group (BROG) has been set up to consider the potential impacts of Brexit on the Heart of the South West, to better understand the key issues and take advantage of opportunities. More information