Heart of the South West Devolution - Newsletter 10

Heart of the South West

3 March 2016

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the Heart of the South West Devolution Programme Management Office. Please share this newsletter with colleagues and in your own communications.

On Monday 29 February 2016, with the full endorsement of all 17 local authorities, both National Parks, all three Clinical Commissioning Groups and our Local Enterprise Partnership, we submitted our devolution Prospectus for Productivity to the Government. This will form the basis of discussions on a devolution deal.

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Heart of the South West Devolution Programme Management Office

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Devolution prospectus

Our Prospectus contains…

In line with Government expectations the purpose of our devolution plans is to increase productivity.

The Prospectus is a starting point for negotiation and further development. It is available online and focuses on six key golden opportunities.

Find out more.

Who are the partners?

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What happens next?

  • Detailed discussions on governance arrangements for our devolution proposals

  • A workshop to scope the Productivity Plan which is key to our plans

  • Further work on the financial and fiscal requirements of our proposals

  • Discussions with Government departments

  • Further engagement with stakeholders and partners.

Latest press release:

Devo bid to boost prosperity for South West goes to Government

Council chiefs and business leaders in Devon and Somerset have submitted their Prospectus for Productivity to the Government in a bid to win more powers to boost jobs and growth.

They say they want a ‘devolution revolution’ to improve the lives of people in Devon and Somerset.

Read 3 March PR here.