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The state of care in independent online primary health services

The state of care in independent online primary health services

Since November 2016, we have inspected every company in England that provides online primary care services in this country. This includes companies that provide GP consultations and prescriptions through independent websites and apps.

Based on 55 inspections, we found that the quality of online primary care services has improved over the last 12 months. There needs to be further action from providers and the wider system to make sure they are as safe as general practice in physical premises.

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Display of ratings

Introduction of combined trust-level quality and use of resources ratings

Last November, we asked for your views on how we and NHS Improvement should report on (and rate) non-specialist acute NHS trusts. We want to show how well trusts are using their resources to provide high quality, efficient and sustainable care.

We have now updated our guidance, which confirms our joint approach and summarises the responses you shared with us.

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Driving improvement

Driving improvements at mental health trusts

What does it take to raise standards in a mental health trust? How can a trust that requires improvement become good or outstanding?

We visited 7 NHS mental health trusts that had achieved significant improvements in their ratings.

At each trust, we interviewed a range of people, including chief executives, medical directors, nursing directors, other clinical and managerial staff, and front line staff. We also spoke to others who knew or worked with the trust, such as local patient or voluntary groups.

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mental health rehabilitation services briefing

People using mental health rehabilitation inpatient services more likely to face lengthy stays far from home and local support

Nearly two thirds of people in residential-based mental health rehabilitation services are ‘out of area’.

This can mean that they are too far away from their homes, families and friends. And once they are discharged, their care plans could be compromised as out of area rehabilitation services are far from support services in the community. All of this can affect their wellbeing and how quickly they recover.

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Elderly patient with doctor

Quality and the needs of people using services are at the heart of long-term funding considerations for adult social care

We have submitted written evidence to the joint inquiry into the long-term funding of adult social care.

Our submission highlights that quality and the needs of people using services must be at the heart of considerations.

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Our briefing on Approved Mental Health Professional services

Across the country, we found wide variations in the way that local authorities provide approved mental health professional services. As a result, people might not be getting the specialist mental healthcare they need - when they need it most.

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AMHPS briefing