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John Gregg


Improving what we do is at the forefront of all our minds, but we mustn't lose sight of who we are doing this for - Coventry's children and young people.

The decisions we make everyday have to focus on improving outcomes for our children, and we need to keep challenging ourselves on this.

There's lots going on around the service so take a few moments to catch up on what's happening. 

We've also created a place on the intranet which we will continue to update with the information you need. I hope you find it helpful.

John Gregg, Director of Children's Services

News and updates

putting practice first

Putting Practice First in Coventry

An event held by Coventry’s Children’s services aimed at sharing and improving social work practice has been hailed a great success. 

The ‘Putting Practice First’ event focused on improving outcomes for children, young people and their families.

It bought together more than 120 social work professionals including the UK’s Chief Social Worker for Children and Families Isabelle Trowler, who was one of the keynote speakers.

Find out more about the event

What life is like in Children's Services

Last year you told us what it's like to work in Children’s Services through a health check survey and focus groups.  

Since then we've been busy working on some of the key things. In the last month, we have:

Find out what we are doing and planning to do as a result of what you told us

Coundon Social Care

Agile working in Coundon

Staff at Coundon have been embracing the challenge of agile working since the introduction of Kickstart. 

Despite reservations, the team has worked to establish new ways of working. 

Hear in their own words what they think.

Buckingham Palace

Tea with the Royals

Two of our young people have been invited to a Royal Garden Party in the summer.

Jamal Vincent and Danielle May will be attending with Sheila Bates (Children's Champion) and Lee Pardy-McLaughlin (Principal Social Worker) in recognition of the work they did for the Office of the Children's Commissioner about what makes a good social worker.

Transformation Programme updates

Work is progressing on each of the projects in our work to transform Children's Services and put children and their outcomes at the heart of what we do. 

Visit our update page to find out what's been happening this month. 

If you have questions or comments e-mail

    Adoption Services 'pen down' days

    Pen down days are helping the Adoption Team prioritise updating records on LCS, so all relevant and current information is available.  

    On pen down days, the Business System team is on hand to provide support. 

    This has proved hugely successful and helped the Adoption team tackle outstanding issues and bring records up to date.

    If you think this would help your service please contact Sue Phillips.

    Doing the right thing with information

    We all have a statutory duty to safeguard the information we record and use. It is your responsibility to do everything you can to safeguard information held about service users, and only access case records if you have a professional reason to do so.

    Everyone must complete the recently revised Data Protection training. If you have not done so already, please complete it as soon as possible.

    Please be vigilant. If you have concerns about how information is being used, inform your manager immediately.

    Find out about the updates to LCS and EHM

    The LCS and EHM systems were upgraded at the end of January. 

    The new versions provides a number of new functions that will provide additional information and options for you to use. This includes the Atom tool that helps you pictorially demonstrate family/carer and professional connections. Find out about all the new functions

    If you have any questions please contact or

    happy birthday

    Birthday notifications

    One of the top tips for social workers from some of our young people is to send birthday cards and well done cards because it means a lot to them.

    A recent change to the LCS system means notifications can now be sent to remind a looked after child’s allocated case worker when it's their birthday. 

    The notification will be sent a month before and again a week before so case workers have plenty of time to make any arrangements such as sending a card. 

    If you have any questions contact Lee Pardy-McLaughlin. 


    Vacancy for a Lay Member

    Are you passionate about keeping children and young people in Coventry safe? 

    Find out how to apply.

    Update from PSW

    Lee Pardy McLaughlin

    It's just over three months since I started and it's been a really interesting time. I've blogged about my observations and it would be great to hear if you think the same or just let me know about things that are you are interested in or concerned about at the moment.

    HCPC (Health Care Professions Council Regulatory Body for Registered Social Worker has issued revised standards that set out safe and effective practice in the social work profession. I encourage all social workers and managers to read them.

    And finally, this is an interesting article which someone shared with me recently

    I look forward to seeing more of you over the next few months.

    Lee Pardy McLaughlin

    Wellbeing @ work

    A happy and healthy staff is vitally important for any organisation – and that means looking after your wellbeing.

    Personal happiness - feeling good and living safely and healthily – determines our quality of life – and even how long we live.

    And that means living as stress-free as possible, at home and at work.

    Find out about the support available and tips to help you manage stress.

    Improving our practice

    It's important we all take responsibility for improving our practice. Here are four must-reads for everyone this montn:

    Aspiring to social work

    Are you ready to take the next steps towards becoming a social worker?

    Have you worked for Coventry Children’s Services in a direct role with children and families for at least two years?

    Find out more about an exciting opportunity with Children's Services and the Open University.

    Training available in February and March

    There's lots of corporate training coming up over the next few weeks so have  a look at what's available and book yourself a place.

    If you're a manager, you might be interested in the Managing Social Work performance course. You can find out more on Beacon.

    Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty (DOLS) training

    At the end of this bitesize training course you will be able to understand:

    • the legislation and recent case law relating to Mental Capacity Act, and Deprivation of Liberty
    • how this legislation impacts on young people and their families
    • the learning and apply this into professional practice and decision making.

    The course takes place on 27 February, 2pm to 4.30pm in New Committee Room 3. You can book a place on Beacon.

    Looking after yourself in practice

    These workshops are aimed at frontline Children’s Services' practitioners and social workers. 

    They will provide the opportunity for staff to explore and understand what personal resilience is and how this can be developed. 

    22 March, 10am -1pm
    22 March 1.30pm to 4.30pm
    28 March  1pm to 4pm

    All sessions take place in the Lord Mayor's Hospitality Suite, Council House. You can book a place on Beacon 

    Putting Practice First Workshop

    Relationship Based Social Work (Tuesday 14 March, 9:30 – 12:30)

    Professor Harry Ferguson, leading Children and Families Professor of Social Work, will be co-leading a workshop with Lee Pardy-McLaughlin to celebrate social work. 

    Harry will speak about relationship based social work in children and families services based on his recent publications and research. 

    To book a place on the workshop please e-mail Talk your manager before booking. 

    Restorative practice: Transforming the culture of children's services

    Find out more about a seminar looking at restorative practice at the University of Birmingham on 2 March, 12.30pm to 2.30pm. The seminar will be delivered by Andy Lloyd from Leeds City Council. 

    Coventry Safeguarding Children Board briefing sessions 

    David Peplow, Chair of the Safeguarding Children Board, is hosting informal briefing sessions on the latest work of the Safeguarding Children Board,. There will be an opportunity to explore how we can continue to work together across agencies to improve our response to children.

    22 March, 3.30pm – 5pm, Foleshill Children’s Centre,

    E-mail to book a place.  

    In case you missed it...

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    February 2017

    Children's Services training

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    Children's Services Learning and Development Portfolio

    The Children’s Services Training Portfolio is available on Beacon so that the service can view the training offer and how to book onto the sessions available.
    Access the portfolio

    Children’s Portfolio 2016 – 17

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