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John Gregg


Over the last few weeks I've started to share the vision for Children's Services, but it's important we all play a part in shaping our future direction. 

I've recently sent you a survey about how you feel about your work. Your feedback is essential to the changes we make to the service and I'd urge you to take some time to complete it.

There are two versions - please ensure that you complete the one that matches your job role. 

If you're a social worker, you can complete the survey at

Everyone else can complete the survey at

As well as telling me what you think online, you're welcome to come and see me. I've cleared some time in my diary and you can drop-in for a chat in room 238 in Civic Centre 1 on the following dates:

  • 12 August 3-5pm
  • 19 August 3-5pm
  • 20 September 3-5pm
  • 5 October 12-2pm

If you're off on holidays, I hope you enjoy your break. Thanks as ever for all you do.

John Gregg, Director of Children's Services

News and updates


Have a snap with #decky

The fostering team had an exceptionally busy Godiva festival with queues of people lining up to snap themselves in their giant deckchair #decky. 

Rachel Brown, Fostering Recruitment Officer, said:

 "We hoped that people would see the fun side of having #decky and also use it as a great way to spread the message that Coventry children need more local foster carers to care for them. 

Read more.

May the force be with Horizon

Lots of people signed the pledge to know the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to report concerns at the Godiva Festival - including Darth Vader.

Read more.

Darth Vader

An experience to change children's lives

More than 1000 young people in Coventry have signed up to the National Citizen Service this year.

Some of our most vulnerable children have signed up for this life changing experience which gives them a chance to embark on exhilarating challenges, and build skills for work and life. 

18 looked after children have signed up and eight young people who attend a pupil referral unit in the city.

Sean Monaghan from the National Citizen Service (NCS) said:

"I believe these exceptional numbers of young people who will now be spending their summers developing life and work skills, confidence and taking positive steps is all down to the ever stronger collaborative relationship between NCS, The Challenge and Coventry."

Workforce Strategy Progress Report 

You can now access the latest Workforce Strategy Progress Report on Beacon. 

Could you nominate a looked after child?

Do you know a looked after child who deserves an award for their school achievements or something they have achieved or done well outside of school?

If you do, you can nominate them for an award at the annual looked after children celebration in the Autumn. Just fill out the form on Beacon and return it by e-mail or post to Mandy Tonge in the Participation Team, Room 21, Civic Centre 1 by 31 August 2016.


Help someone stop this Stoptober

Stoptober is fast approaching – the UK’s biggest stop smoking campaign - and we want to make it bigger and better in Coventry than ever before.

Now in its fourth year and, a well-recognised campaign brand, Stoptober offers front line staff a unique opportunity to strike up a conversation about smoking with colleagues, clients and the public.

To help staff use Stoptober to encourage smokers to quit, we are planning briefing sessions in September on how to deliver Very Brief Advice (VBA) in smoking cessation. 

Find out more about the sessions and how to book.

Team rounders

Achieving more together

On the hottest day of the summer so far, the NW neighbourhood Social Care Team took to the local school playing field for what has become the inter cluster annual rounders event.  

As with other years the clusters relished the opportunity to show off their creative talents and dressed for the occasion. 

A great evening was had by all and the team demonstrated their competitive edge before the winners were declared. 

The team uses the annual event to bolster morale and to maintain great teamwork within the office. 

If your team fancies getting involved contact

Children's Service training

Summer learning

There's no need to take a holiday from learning this summer.

Find out what training is available for you

Read more.



Looking to replace your car? 

Check out the Council's mycar lease scheme and see if it could work for you.

Read more.

In case you missed it...

Next steps

Children’s Services have undertaken significant steps to improve over the last two years. The service is working at pace to embed and sustain the changes already made. The focus continues to be: 

  • implementing the workforce strategy to stabilise the workforce and reduce the reliance on agency workers 
  • improving the quality and consistency of practice by continuing to progress through auditing and quality assurance, ensuring that learning is being fed back in to practice. 
  • ensuring that there is a greater availability of placement choice for all children by implementing the placement sufficiency strategy
  • recruiting more foster carers and specialist carers to increase capacity to avoid residential placements for more complex children and young people
  • ensure that the best use is made of the available resource/budget to maximise the impact on children’s lives.

Get in touch

Email with your updates, comments or suggestions.

July 2016 


Our performance - July 2016

Average caseloads:

- RAS - 11

- Neighbourhoods - between 20-24
- IRO -  65

-CDT – 22

-LAC – 18

-R21 - 19

Children and Family First assessment timeliness 


Child Protection Plans



31.7% of all CAFs were held by either Health or schools against a target of 40%


Number of Looked After Children



At the end of July 25 children were placed for adoption, 18 adopted and 6 applications have been lodged with court

Children's Services training

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Children's Services Learning and Development Portfolio

The Children’s Services Training Portfolio is available on Beacon so that the service can view the training offer and how to book onto the sessions available.
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