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Welcome to our third issue of Health and Housing which delivers the latest news and updates from our Health and Housing project, straight to your inbox.


Come along to our Open Day on 23 October!

If you or someone you know has a health condition and think this may be affected by living conditions at home, come along to our Open Day at the North Colchester Health Care Centre 10am – 3pm on 23 October, where we’ll be running a FREE advice session. To find out more about the event, visit our website.

Tell us how we’re doing through our Customer Satisfaction Survey


We're keen to know our customers' views on the service they've received through the Health and Housing project so we’ve created two online customer satisfaction surveys to help us gather this information. If you're a professional who has submitted a referral to the project, please complete this online survey, and if you're a resident who was referred to us, please complete this online survey. The surveys only take a few minutes to complete and your feedback is really important to us. Thank you.

Case Study - Health and Housing Project helps elderly resident stay in their home independently

Case Study

One of the aims of our Health and Housing project is to ensure residents have access to the range of support services that are available to them by working together. The latest Health and Housing Project Case Study (5) has now been published and features an elderly resident whose home was in poor condition and putting their health at risk. Through this project, the resident is in the process of receiving a Home Repairs Loan and Disabled Facility Grant to improve their home and living conditions.



Thank you to everyone who has sent referrals to the Health and Housing Project, which has helped us to work with local residents to improve their living conditions. We have most recently received referrals from the following teams and organisations:

  • Age Concern
  • Helpline
  • Community Agents Essex
  • Colchester Generals Discharge Team
  • Essex County Council Adult Social Services teams
  • Colchester ACE teams
  • Community 360
  • Family Solutions
  • East Hill Surgery
  • Essex County Council Occupational Therapists and many more.

With autumn around the corner, we expect the number of referrals over the coming months to increase as people’s homes and health are affected by the changing weather. If you or someone you know would like to make a referral, information about how to do this and our forms are all available on our website

Integrated Discharge Hub at Colchester Hospital University

Colchester Hospital

One of the aims of this project is for the Private Sector Housing Team at Colchester Borough Council to work more collaboratively with local health care services. To help achieve this and improve understanding and access to one another’s services, the Health and Housing Project Officer and Environmental Health staff have recently piloted working one day a week at the Integrated Discharge Hub at Colchester Hospital University. The outcomes and value of the pilot for all parties will now be assessed and possible future arrangements considered.


Under new national legislation, from 1 October all shared accommodation (including houses and flats) which meets the following criteria will require a licence:  

  • Is occupied by 5 or more people from 2 or more households (i.e. the occupiers are not all members of the same family);  
  • Occupants share 1 or more basic amenity (i.e. kitchen, bathroom or toilet)  

To find out if the property you own, let or live in will require a licence from October, use our online licence checker tool 

Landlords with properties which are affected, must apply for a licence by 1 October. For further information about the changes, please visit: www.colchester.gov.uk/hmolicensing