CSCP 5 Minute Briefing Safeguarding Week March 2022

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CSCP 5 minute briefing

Safeguarding Week - Learning from Practice - March 2022

Safeguarding Week

Thank you to all the practitioners who took time to attend one or more of the development sessions during Safeguarding Week. 

The week began with a conference opened by the CSCP Independent Scrutineer, followed by a very informative session from Annie Hudson from the Child Practice Review Panel.  

During the week a variety of learning opportunities were available all linked to the theme of 'Leaning from Practice'. As part of Safeguarding Week we disseminated a range of information each day in the form of a 'Guide to...' all these guides can be accessed here 

Everyday during Safeguarding Week we asked practitioners to complete questions as part of our annual Practitioner Survey, we have now collated the daily questions into one survey which you can find hereCan you please take 5 minutes to complete the practitioner survey as it is important that we receive you feedback.  The survey will be available until the end of April.

CERAR (Child Exploitation Risk Assessment Review) process

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The CERAR process has been reviewed, like any new process feedback has been important in shaping the service moving forward. There have been changes to the CERAR Pathways they can be found by accessing the Child Exploitation Policy and Procedure. The changes reflect the need for a review process to be built in for those children assessed as low concerns. These children will now be reviewed on a 12 weekly cycle supported by the Missing, Trafficked Exploited coordinators (METCO’S) from the Police. The METCO will act as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all children assessed as low concerns. The Low Concern Guidance for Child Exploitation can be found here.

In order to support the CERAR process we have developed a suite of one minutes guides covering what is a Level 1 meeting, Level 2 meeting and a guide on how we manage perpetrators, to access please follow this here.

The Child Exploitation Risk Assessment has be updated to reflect child exploitation concerns in more depth and provide more opportunity for analysis, we have developed questions to assist capturing the child and carers voice within the assessment, these can be found within the Safeguarding Practice GuidanceIt would be expected that those closest to the child (where safe to do so, so not to retraumatise) could explore their views prior to the Level 1 meeting and any subsequent reviews of their Child Exploitation assessment.

If you need any further guidance regarding Child Exploitation you can email