Early Years Update - 10.11.21

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Early Years

Early Years Attendance Data Collection

The Department for Education Early Years Attendance Data collection is on Wednesday 10th November 2021 – please count the number of 0-4 year olds in your provision on this day.

Please use this link to submit your information: Attendance Survey

Cumbria County Council have been asked to collect this information from you, the information is used to inform government departments on the impact of Covid 19.

Thank you for your continued support with this work.

Public Health Updates - New electronic reporting system

The new electronic reporting system for notifying the Education Infection Prevention and Control (EIPC) Team of COVID-19 cases in educational settings has now been tested with a number of primary and secondary schools and is ready to be rolled out. It is anticipated that the new system will streamline the process of reporting cases and save time. It will also enable the EIPC team to concentrate on supporting those settings that need it.

Each educational setting will receive an email with instructions and a bespoke link that they can use to notify the EIPC team of COVID-19 cases and outbreaks. Settings that are currently seeing cases will be prioritised, and it is expected that all settings will receive their email by the end of November. Until you receive this email, you should continue to report as normal, by emailing your notification forms to EducationIPC@cumbria.gov.uk.

Educational settings will continue to have the option to submit notification forms by email if they prefer, but are encouraged to use the new online reporting form where they can. Settings will also still be able to contact the EIPC team with queries or requests for support at the email address above.

Supporting children's sensory differences

The new ‘Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Needs in the Early Years’ booklet explores each of the eight different sensory systems and provides detailed information and practical ideas of ways to support children with sensory processing differences.

Supporting children with sensory processing needs

Maths toolkit - updated

The Maths Toolkit has been updated in line with the revised EYFS 2021 and is intended to support all early years’ practitioners with teaching mathematics.

It aims to provide information and guidance about how to help young children develop some of the key mathematical ideas and skills that they will use throughout their lives. The toolkit has a strong focus on ‘Number’, particularly counting, and developing an understanding of number patterns. This is in line with current research which suggests that a key focus for early mathematics should be developing ‘Number Sense’. The toolkit also highlights the five recommendations of the Education Endowment Foundation ‘Improving Mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage 1’.

The emphasis throughout the toolkit is on stimulating and engaging children’s interest and enjoyment in learning about mathematics in a way that is relevant and meaningful to their lives.

The toolkit can be found on the Early Years website or accessed here

New referral routes to access a Health and Wellbeing Coach/Officer

Health and Wellbeing Coaches (HAWC), are a team of 28 staff across the county who adopt a coaching approach to support individuals focusing on improving their health, wellbeing and personal resilience. Health and Wellbeing Coaches work with individuals over the age of 16, who can present with multiple and/or complex needs, and who want to, and are able to, take the lead on making positive changes to their lives. Part of their role is to provide complex or crisis support in ways that keep people away from other services, reduce dependence on forms of care, and thus reduce demand on statutory services.

At some time, most people will face challenges yet are fortunate to have the support of family, friends and neighbours to help. HAWCs support individuals who do not have the support networks or life experiences to address these challenges, and for whom the impact can be immense for the individual, their family and those around them.

From 1st November 2021 the referral process to this service has changed. To find out more, see

New referral process for accessing a health and wellbeing coach

Home Learning

Early Years

This week our focus is on the rhyme Pop Goes the Weasel. Please share with parents to support home learning around the development of speech, language and communication.

Chat Play Share - Pop Goes the Weasel

For a range of fun activity ideas for children and families, please share What Can I Do This Week? This week's activities all involve paper. Remember that the activities contained in this communication are for the week starting next Monday.

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